Why is casual sex better than “just” phone sex?

Casual sex relationship is not only interesting; it allows for deriving sexual pleasure without being entangles in the emotional worries that come with having a serious relationship. Phone sex on the other hand, is more of exploring fantasies without really committing any act. With phone sex, the relationship can last for as long as the parties want and because there are no strings attached; callers are safe from emotional entanglements.

Casual sex and phone sex have a common factor of honesty as parties involved are usually honest with each other with both parties declaring their intentions early in the relationship. This is particularly true about casual sex as there is really no need to go all about oneself in phone sex since both parties already know what is involved.

Compared to casual sex, phone sex is pretty easy and can be very secretive. Callers also get to pour out their minds and confess anything even as they go wild and fetish with each other. The problem or defect with having just phone sex however is that it is more of fantasies than reality. Unlike casual sex where both parties can meet and actually act out what they have talked about and fantasized about, phone sex only allows for talk and nothing more regardless of how erotic the talk is.

Another defect of just phone sex when compared with being in a casual sex relationship is the duration of phone sex. While some calls last for as long as 2 minutes, some are actually over in less than 2 minutes and in as much as satisfaction is what is desired, the time frame seems too short for sexual pleasure to really be at the optimum. For casual sex, there is really no time limit and parties can in fact, have fun for as long as they want.

The short duration of phone sex can be attributed to the cost involved in making phone sex, a feature that is absent in casual sex. Unlike in phone sex where participants have to worry about paying phone bills arising from long calls, a trip to the bar or restaurants nearby is all you need to get the casual sex relationship going and you really need not pay constant bills to get sexual pleasure.

Casual sex is easier to access compared to phone sex. While some agencies render phone sex services with callers paying some token fee to talk with erotic ladies, you really need not go through an agency to get a casual sex relationship started.

It needs no rocket science to know that casual sex is better than just phone sex and some of the reasons are discussed above.


When it comes to sexual fantasies – what’s normal?

Having sexual fantasies are more common than most people think and the situation where thoughts or images of what a person wants during sex and what gets them aroused sexually are very common in our society today. Most fantasies are against the moral and ethical beliefs of most people and the thought of some of these actions are just out of this world. The truth however remains that sexual fantasies are normal and having sexual fantasies does not make one immoral or a bad person.

Study shows that men and women have diverse sexual fantasies and just a few fantasies are actually considered rare or unusual. It however reveals that men have more fantasies than women and in fact, more women go for the submission theme of spanking, being tied up, and even forced to have sex.

While most women with sexual fantasies especially those with the submission theme reveal that they will rather not live the fantasies, most men would actually love to have their fantasies come true. It is discovered that most men fantasize more about extramarital relationship than women and this is not surprising as men have been discovered to be polygamous in nature.

So what is regarded as normal when sexual fantasies is being discussed? Some of the most common sexual fantasies are listed below.

Men and women fantasize about getting sexual pleasure and satisfaction from being tied up.

About 10 percent of men and as little as 3.5 percent of women fantasize about their partner urinating on them and a good number of men and women would love to be filmed or photographed while in the act.

Fantasizing about homosexual activities is another normal sexual fantasy with more women fantasizing about getting down with their feminine folks.

Sexual fantasies however vary depending on the individual and the situation and what is considered a normal sexual fantasy in a certain place or situation might be viewed otherwise in some other situations.

A sexual fantasy being common does not necessarily mean it is normal and having a relatively rare sexual fantasy does not make one abnormal or bad.

The fact however remains that having sexual fantasies is normal and you are only human to have fantasies. While some fantasies are brought to reality and lived through role playing and some other activities, other sexual fantasies remain abstract and the person fantasizing only gets to imagine the act and that is all there is to it.

What drives young people to casual sex

Sex has been discovered to trigger the human imagination and actions in different ways. Such questions as how to choose a partner and why people engage in sex have been asked and several divergent answers have been provided.

The present society encourages young people especially the adventurous ones to explore and try different things with their sexuality very early in their lives even before they near maturity. Most young folk associate being sexually active and experiencing the several forms of sexuality to being cool and meeting up with the standard.

Science has been able to trace a connection between sexuality and the brains and sex has been discovered to affect the brains. Every human long for sex and the phenomenon has become very pervasive in our society today.

Sex transcends the physical experience and it actually engages the mind in powerful ways. Not until recently, researchers have found it difficult to discover what happens in the brain when lust, love, sex, or passion is experienced by a person.

Dopamine is the messenger chemical that makes person feel when something exciting is done. It is therefore a chemical with great influence on the human behaviours and this relates to having casual sex and even the increase as the continuous receipt of this reward signal produced by dopamine drives the individual to do more of the act. And if having sex is the act, increased casual sex can only be the result of such a signal.

There is also a feeling that comes from two people touching each other. This feeling results from the release of the hormone oxytocin. This release increases the lady’s desire for more touch and also helps to develop a bond with the man especially if she spends more time and has many physical contacts with the man.

Science or not, the drivers of casual sex in young people are the urge to be cool and feel cool among peers, the satisfaction and excitement that comes from successfully engaging in the act, and of course, being with someone found to be attractive especially when both parties spend a lot of time together.

It is only natural for humans to desire attention and attachment and these can be easily gotten through casual sex. There are other several reasons that drive young people to have casual sex. The act should however be done with caution as the increase in STDs and other related diseases is on the rise.


Casual V’s long term commitment – you can’t have both

You cannot have your cake and eat it – so is the case of having a casual and long-term relationship. It is almost impossible to have a casual and long – term relationship simultaneously as the terms in both cases are different and trying to have a mix will only lead to devastating outcomes with the parties involved having their hearts broken and emotions smashed against the wall. This is not taking away the possibility of a one-night stand leading to a serious relationship; it only tries to state the difference in both relationships.

A careful consideration of the features of both types of relationship explains how difficult it is to have a blend of both worlds. In a casual dating relationship, both parties are usually not “serious”, at least not as those in a committed relationship. A long-term commitment involves the investment of time, money, support, and of course, love, a feature that is almost completely absent in casual dating.

Long-term commitment are usually monogamous, a principle that defeats the primary aim of casual dating. While parties in a long-term commitment tend to be monogamous and would prefer to be and stay with their partner alone, casual dating is actually for those that cherish variety and want to have as many as possible sexual partners. This makes it pretty difficult to have a mix of both relationships.

While a long-term commitment would normally require some physical and emotional intimacy, casual dating relationships have no strings attaching parties in the relationship and it is all about fun with little or no emotions involved.

This goes to say that the love and trust that exists in long-term commitments is completely thrown in the thrash in the case of casual dating. Casual dating allows either party to have multiple sexual partners with no feeling of guilt or jealousy by the other party while long-term commitments naturally forbids the participation of either party in several sexual activities with any other party outside the relationship.

In as much as these differences exist, some persons have been able to successfully manage their casual dating relationships into long-term commitments with both parties living happily ever after.

It is always advisable for parties in a relationship to state the terms clearly in the early stages of the relationship to avoid any misunderstanding that might erupt.

Whether you decide to go casual or choose the line of a long-term commitment, the most important thing is your happiness and it should not be compromised for any other thing.


Why casual sex appeals to men

Often times, women seek serious and more committed relationship unlike the masculine folks. Most women are often left frustrated when they meet a guy they really love only to find out having a serious relationship is not on his to-do list. Some of the reasons men find casual sex appealing are discussed below.

Breakups can be very devastating and while some think it has a more telling effect on men, others believe otherwise. The fact however remains that it can pretty difficult going through a split and can actually turn two former lovers to great enemies. Men would rather avoid this feeling of hatred and enmity and go for the easier and safer option of casual sex. Even when there is a breakup in a casual sex relationship, there is an indifferent feeling and no party has to suffer the grunts and pains of having his or her heart broken. Most people will state the terms of the relationship early in the game to avoid any misunderstanding as the relationship grows in age.

Another reason men love casual is the fun that comes with it. Bed buddies or sex mates as they are sometimes called have all the fun and having a no-strings-attached relationship can be really fun especially if no hint of getting serious is left. A night at the club or a dinner outing that ends up with both parties lying naked on the bed the next morning sounds more fun and interesting.

Men also find having a casual sex relationship as a way of distancing themselves from intimacy. Avoiding such topics or subjects that could indicate serious relationships and define their lifestyle can mean trouble and any would-be player would rather avoid emotional strings.

Men would also rather go for casual sex as opposed to having a serious relationship if they have a phobia for commitment. Some men will prefer to sleep around with many hot women than having to go home to the same woman every night. The word commitment sounds like a taboo to such men and having casual sex is a far better option.

Not all men are the type that would have a relationship. For one reason or the other, some men are not just the relationship type. Some men find it difficult to have a long-term relationship and all attempts to have one have met brick walls. Keeping things simple and fun seem to be the better way out and casual sex offers just that. So why not opt for casual sex instead of the continuous try for a long-term relationship that will end up in nothing but failure and heartbreak.

There are reasons men enjoy casual sex but the reasons mentioned above are some of the most common reasons casual sex appeals to men.


Why casual sex appeals to women

There are a lot of reasons women engage in sexual sex as opposed to having a serious long-term relationship. From the fun to the discovery of new things about sex and yourself, women go into casual sex relationship for a lot of reasons. Sex does not have to always be about the emotions and sometimes, sex is just sex. Some of the reasons for casual sex as far as the female folks are concerned are mentioned below.

Fun is probably the primary reason and the most common reason women find casual sex appealing. Sex is fun and every second sent having sex should be fun and while some find having sex with someone they love to be great and fun, others do not have that luxury.

With casual sex, there is no need for commitment as there are no strings attached and one needs not dedicate her time to him for any other reason than sex. And this can sometimes be a good feeling.

Another reason casual sex appeal to women is the tons of lessons about sexuality they can learn even as they have fun. Casual sex allows the lady discover new things about herself and the other party. She gets to learn what she likes and what she doesn’t and also learns what the other person can do for her. This is a win-win situation and ladies can therefore know what to do behind closed doors when in a serious relationship.

Casual sex also appeals to women is that there no promises made and thus, none to be fulfilled or broken. This however requires both parties knowing the terms of the relationship from the very beginning. With the terms clearly stated and the lines completely clear, sex remains sex and the relationship stays casual with no person getting hurt.

Women can be very emotional and in a bid to avoid the emotional stress that comes with being in a serious relationship or even having heartbreak, they go for casual sex. This allows for the fulfilment of their sexual desires with absolutely no emotions involved.

Besides the sexuality lessons gotten from having a casual sex relationship, there is also the part that allows women learn more about their emotions. And whether this is true or not, women engage in casual sex for this reason.

These are just few of the many reasons casual sex appeal to women. Some school of thought even believes casual sex is healthy.



5 things to say to a girl which will guarantee you get laid

Getting laid can sometimes be a big deal especially if you are not looking to have a long-term relationship with her and all you want is some casual sex with no strings attached. Getting her to sleep with you should however not be a difficult and what most men actually lack is the right set of words to help you get her naked. A very important factor for your line to work is that your prospective partner should be predisposed to getting naked with you. With the following lines, you almost have a 100 percent chance of getting laid.

“You look so hot right now”Casual Sex Banner This seems to be a perfect line regardless of the situation or what she has on. Whether it is a ball gown or a bikini and in whatever situation you both find yourselves, these words have a way of making her desirable as opposed to the perception of just wanting her body. try to show some sincerity and you are sure to get laid.

“Can I see you again without having to yell?” This is most appropriate for a girl you meet in a loud environment like the club or bar. It is a better way of saying “let’s go somewhere quieter”. It sounds less pushy and a bit more mature. It also gives her a feeling you would like to see her again.

“You totally turn me on” Try to follow up this statement with an unexpected attribute. Try to like her eyes, hair, and even her curves. A woman loves to feel like woman and it does not matter her body type, she want her man to complement even if it is not totally true. Letting her know you find her lovely even makes her want you more.

“I am not in it for sex” This seems to be the perfect line as she is just about wrestling with the same question. You should however be aware of making promises you are most likely not to keep. Be wary of making long term commitments as regards the relationship as you have to deal with it after those few magical minutes of sex.

“I want it to be a special moment…can we wait?” Call it reverse psychology if you like but such statements will almost likely make her jump into your arms or even into the bed quicker than you think. Be sure not to push it if she eventually agrees as this can make you look like a liar. Getting in those pants isn’t a difficult task if the right techniques are used and with the right statements, you are on your to nailing that girl.


single mum dating

Being a single mum venturing into dating, especially speed dating can be a scary experience. The thoughts of what to do, how to act and whether or not dating is the most appropriate thing is sure to cloud the mind. You are also considering your kids and finding the most appropriate guy that will accept them and vice versa.

In the midst of all these, it is very important you do things for yourself. Your physical and mental health should be kept as perfect as possible. Socializing and dating is very good for the body. There are several advices on the internet from dating sites on how to date happily and successfully as a single mum. It however all boils down to being happy. A summary of these tips is presented below.

Sincerity and honesty are important factors to having a fun filled date as a single mum. Most single mums will like to hide the fact that they have kids when on a date with man especially if the man has never had a child. It is true that some men freak out on hearing this but most guys will be receptive and even see you as more responsible. Men find single men to be stable.

It is also essential to have a good attitude when speed dating. This actually applies to dating in general. There is absolutely no need to hit your ex with negative remarks or to be negative about your situation. Speed dating gives you only some few minutes to make a lasting impression and your attitude can be determinant in the outcome of that date.

When going for speed dating, you want to be fully prepared. Arming yourself with some questions to ask your dates can help fasten the process of knowing your dates. Make sure these questions are important to you.

Presentation matters in speed dating. Some men can actually profile a woman based on how she is dressed. Some men see single women as being frumpy. Moderation is essential here as you do not want to show up looking like a super model but you should try your best to look nice and simple.

When one is speed dating, YOU are the most important party. It is therefore important to be yourself and let those interested be attracted to you as you are. You should not try to make someone like you or change you as the consequence can be severe in the long run.

Remember, you are strong, beautiful, and amazing. Being a single mum isn’t a disease so do not make it look like one.

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Lesbianism is becoming a very popular phenomenon with the community having its own language. For those wondering what being a lesbian is, a lesbian is a woman who loves other women and is sexually attracted to other women. Lesbians are not at all attracted to men whether or not there is a woman around.

As a young lesbian or someone new to the lesbian community, it is normal to find yourself lost during discussions in a group or social outing. Like any other community, the lesbian community has some shared terms used in describing their roles, identities, and behaviours. The amount of information to learn as a new lesbian can be overwhelming and exhausting. Here is a list of some of the most commonly used lesbian terms that allows for easy communication within the community and you are sure to never get lost in communication again.

Dyke – it is another word for lesbian and is sometimes used as a derogative term. And just like the N word, lesbians have reclaimed the term and is now a term of strength and power with only people in the community allowed to use it.

Baby Dyke – this refers to a young lesbian or someone new to lesbianism and is often immature.

Drag King – this term is used to refer to a woman that dresses like a man often in a performance.

Butch – this is a lesbian with masculine appearance and manners and often identifies with stereotypically masculine activities.

Femme – this is a lesbian with feminine appearance and manners and is often identifies with activities famous with the feminine folks.

Lip Stick Lesbian – a lipstick lesbian is similar to a femme but with even more feminine features and characters.

MTF – this is a male that has transitioned into a woman. They are referred to as trans woman. Some don’t support their inclusion in the LGBT community.

Sapphic – this is related to the Poet Sappho who was a lyrical Poet from the Island of Lesbos. Her poems had female homosexuality theses and the term was derived from the word Lesbos.

There are several other terms used in the lesbian community. Some of those terms are soft bunch and gold star or star lesbian.

A good understanding of these terms and the language of the lesbian community can be very helpful especially of you are just joining the community. This is allows for easy and effective communication.

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The irony of life is when the masculine folks wonder where all the horny women are, and the women wonder how they can initiate casual sex. Women with the guts and courage to approach a guy or man for a no strings attached relationship are usually seen as being wayward or loose. This makes it difficult for many women to initiate casual sex. The fact however is that there is always someone somewhere looking for casual sex just as you; you only have to search the right places.

There are some strategic places to look when in search of a partner for casual sex. Some of those places include local clubs, online dating sites, and special interest groups. You might also want to visit swingers clubs for a no string attached relationship.

One of the easiest ways of finding a casual sex partner is to go on adult online dating sites. While some of these sites are targeted towards persons looking for a life partner, some are specifically designed to match up persons wanting casual sex and relationships with absolutely no emotional attachments.

Very good dating sites will have match ups in locations around the globe guaranteeing users a partner anywhere they are. It simply means wherever you are in search of casual sex, you are sure of getting a partner wanting the same thing.

This can also be a good way of allowing that adventurous spirit in you out. You can imagine chatting up a guy on the site who lives in UK while you are a resident of the US. This gives you some excuse to jump on the plane and take a flight to the UK. Imagine the fun of having sex with a new friend in a hotel far away from home. Crazy, isn’t it?

The first step in setting up an encounter is getting on the site and talking to guys. The internet affords the opportunity to say everything and anything with element of shyness. This kind of chatting is not only fun, it is also safe as you might end you never meeting some of these men.

It gets better for women as some dating sites offer free membership to women. So you need not pay for the pleasure of finding men and hooking up with them if you are eventually lucky. You can call that some gender equality of you so wish.

Despite the large number of women in the world, it is quite amazing how these wonderful creations are still in high demand.

So initiating a casual sex for a woman is very easy. You can do this in any way you please and the best place to start is to join a good quality adult dating site. Be sure to check out the reliability and safety of the site before registering.