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Being a single mum venturing into dating, especially speed dating can be a scary experience. The thoughts of what to do, how to act and whether or not dating is the most appropriate thing is sure to cloud the mind. You are also considering your kids and finding the most appropriate guy that will accept them and vice versa.

In the midst of all these, it is very important you do things for yourself. Your physical and mental health should be kept as perfect as possible. Socializing and dating is very good for the body. There are several advices on the internet from dating sites on how to date happily and successfully as a single mum. It however all boils down to being happy. A summary of these tips is presented below.

Sincerity and honesty are important factors to having a fun filled date as a single mum. Most single mums will like to hide the fact that they have kids when on a date with man especially if the man has never had a child. It is true that some men freak out on hearing this but most guys will be receptive and even see you as more responsible. Men find single men to be stable.

It is also essential to have a good attitude when speed dating. This actually applies to dating in general. There is absolutely no need to hit your ex with negative remarks or to be negative about your situation. Speed dating gives you only some few minutes to make a lasting impression and your attitude can be determinant in the outcome of that date.

When going for speed dating, you want to be fully prepared. Arming yourself with some questions to ask your dates can help fasten the process of knowing your dates. Make sure these questions are important to you.

Presentation matters in speed dating. Some men can actually profile a woman based on how she is dressed. Some men see single women as being frumpy. Moderation is essential here as you do not want to show up looking like a super model but you should try your best to look nice and simple.

When one is speed dating, YOU are the most important party. It is therefore important to be yourself and let those interested be attracted to you as you are. You should not try to make someone like you or change you as the consequence can be severe in the long run.

Remember, you are strong, beautiful, and amazing. Being a single mum isn’t a disease so do not make it look like one.

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Lesbianism is becoming a very popular phenomenon with the community having its own language. For those wondering what being a lesbian is, a lesbian is a woman who loves other women and is sexually attracted to other women. Lesbians are not at all attracted to men whether or not there is a woman around.

As a young lesbian or someone new to the lesbian community, it is normal to find yourself lost during discussions in a group or social outing. Like any other community, the lesbian community has some shared terms used in describing their roles, identities, and behaviours. The amount of information to learn as a new lesbian can be overwhelming and exhausting. Here is a list of some of the most commonly used lesbian terms that allows for easy communication within the community and you are sure to never get lost in communication again.

Dyke – it is another word for lesbian and is sometimes used as a derogative term. And just like the N word, lesbians have reclaimed the term and is now a term of strength and power with only people in the community allowed to use it.

Baby Dyke – this refers to a young lesbian or someone new to lesbianism and is often immature.

Drag King – this term is used to refer to a woman that dresses like a man often in a performance.

Butch – this is a lesbian with masculine appearance and manners and often identifies with stereotypically masculine activities.

Femme – this is a lesbian with feminine appearance and manners and is often identifies with activities famous with the feminine folks.

Lip Stick Lesbian – a lipstick lesbian is similar to a femme but with even more feminine features and characters.

MTF – this is a male that has transitioned into a woman. They are referred to as trans woman. Some don’t support their inclusion in the LGBT community.

Sapphic – this is related to the Poet Sappho who was a lyrical Poet from the Island of Lesbos. Her poems had female homosexuality theses and the term was derived from the word Lesbos.

There are several other terms used in the lesbian community. Some of those terms are soft bunch and gold star or star lesbian.

A good understanding of these terms and the language of the lesbian community can be very helpful especially of you are just joining the community. This is allows for easy and effective communication.

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The irony of life is when the masculine folks wonder where all the horny women are, and the women wonder how they can initiate casual sex. Women with the guts and courage to approach a guy or man for a no strings attached relationship are usually seen as being wayward or loose. This makes it difficult for many women to initiate casual sex. The fact however is that there is always someone somewhere looking for casual sex just as you; you only have to search the right places.

There are some strategic places to look when in search of a partner for casual sex. Some of those places include local clubs, online dating sites, and special interest groups. You might also want to visit swingers clubs for a no string attached relationship.

One of the easiest ways of finding a casual sex partner is to go on adult online dating sites. While some of these sites are targeted towards persons looking for a life partner, some are specifically designed to match up persons wanting casual sex and relationships with absolutely no emotional attachments.

Very good dating sites will have match ups in locations around the globe guaranteeing users a partner anywhere they are. It simply means wherever you are in search of casual sex, you are sure of getting a partner wanting the same thing.

This can also be a good way of allowing that adventurous spirit in you out. You can imagine chatting up a guy on the site who lives in UK while you are a resident of the US. This gives you some excuse to jump on the plane and take a flight to the UK. Imagine the fun of having sex with a new friend in a hotel far away from home. Crazy, isn’t it?

The first step in setting up an encounter is getting on the site and talking to guys. The internet affords the opportunity to say everything and anything with element of shyness. This kind of chatting is not only fun, it is also safe as you might end you never meeting some of these men.

It gets better for women as some dating sites offer free membership to women. So you need not pay for the pleasure of finding men and hooking up with them if you are eventually lucky. You can call that some gender equality of you so wish.

Despite the large number of women in the world, it is quite amazing how these wonderful creations are still in high demand.

So initiating a casual sex for a woman is very easy. You can do this in any way you please and the best place to start is to join a good quality adult dating site. Be sure to check out the reliability and safety of the site before registering.


The Dogging Trend

dogging finder

Dogging is a sex tend that has its origin from the United Kingdom and has gained popularity in several countries around the world with nations liken Canada, the US, Germany, France and New Zealand joining the queue. It is essentially having sex in a car parked in a public place with other people joining in or just watching. It comes in handy for folks wanting a one-night tryst that should not go beyond the public park.

The name originates from Peeping Toms that would follow or dog couples hoping to catch them in the act. It was done in tube stations late in the night and just recently, the parking lots and parks have been having their own share of dogging.

It sounds a bit fun if you are the adventurous type. For the interested ones, here are some information on where to find the scene and some tips on how it is done.


Finding doggers is pretty thanks to technology. The internet is the first point of call for doggers and remains one of the best places to get doggers. Internet forums and newsgroups provide a platform for doggers to find each other. It is quicker and easier as some forums go as far as posting times and places of these events. Websites for doggers in the UK list the most popular secluded locations like parking lots and public parks.

The Bluetooth technology also avails doggers the opportunity to find each other. With the Bluetooth technology, phones in the vicinity can be found while in a night club or public transport and a general proposition sent to these phones just to check if there is any interested party.

Now that doggers have found each other, there is the need to know how the act is done.

One way is to invite voyeurs to approach the car to allow them get a full view of happenings. Parking the cart in a somewhat visible spot and flashing the headlights or leaving the interior car light on signals everyone that doggers are about to have something go down.

Be sure to give onlookers a good view by rolling down the windows to allow them get a very good view of the action. After all, that is what dogging is all about.

If you are generous enough and you would not mind sharing the action, opening the door to invite other would not be such a bad idea. Fling the doors open and let one of them come in or better still, get out if the vehicle.

Dogging has been around for decades with some studies showing it emerged in the mid twentieth century. It has however been made more fashionable and fun with the youths everywhere introducing some dynamism to the act or “art”.

You would be surprised at how many people actually go dogging around the work, dogging in the usa is very popular too.

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Unlike some years back, women are becoming comfortable with accepting the fact that they have some very passionate feelings for other women. Lesbian women however face the daunting task of finding other like-minded women. This can be understood as the very busy schedule of most people especially the career women leave no chance to social activities talk less of socializing with other lesbians. Below are some of the best and easiest ways of meeting lesbians. They are a combination of online methods and real world places.

Probably the first point of call is online discussion forums and chat rooms specially dedicated to lesbians. A simple search on Google is sure to present various lesbian activity groups and social sites. After registration and becoming a member, one needs to be active on these forums and sites in order to get noticed by other lesbians and to also let the community know that it is a real serious person and not just a robot. You share your photos and update your profile.

The internet remains the best way of meeting a fellow lesbian and it is for this reason lesbian dating sites come next on the list. There lesbian dating sites online that provide a great platform for lesbians to meet other women either for a serious relationship or a one night stand. Just like in internet forums and group discussions, one needs a very good profile to meet other lesbians. It might take some time to get the “perfect” match but it will surely worth every second you have waited for.

Gay and lesbian bars present a good location to find lesbian women. It provides an opportunity to socialize and speak with women that understand and speak the language of the lesbian community. It is probably the best way to meet up with a lesbian in real world situations. Most cities and towns have a couple of these bars somewhere around, you only have to find them. Check out the activities of these bars and show up when something of interest will be going down and you can have fun and meet other lesbians.

The church provides another opportunity to meet up with other lesbians. This definitely sounds weird, but a community that has a welcoming congregation almost certainly means the church welcomes lesbians and gays. Some of these churches include The United Church of Christ and Unitarian Universalist Churches among others. If a committed relationship is what you want, the church is probably the best place to meet lesbian women.

Other places to meet lesbian women are lesbian social groups in the community, local gay publications, and social networking sites.

These are just some of the best places to meet lesbians. They are in no particular order so you can explore and have fun with the most suitable places.




It actually sounds impossible but yes, one can actually have a responsible casual sex relationship. It happens at least once in everyone’s lifetime and it can be a wonderful experience with both parties feeling great and can actually leave you feeling awful.

How you feel go a long way in determining the eventual experience of casual sex. A person with little or no emotional resilience is a time bomb waiting to explode. You do not want to wake up feeling bad after having sex with some random person as is the case of very emotional persons. You probably need some form of emotion-killer before engaging in casual sex.

Be sober or at least a little tipsy to have a good casual sexual relationship. It is best you catch a taxi and head straight home if you are completely drunk. It is not uncommon to have friends wake up next to someone with absolutely no memory of how it all went down or how he even got there. Imagine waking up next to someone you would have otherwise found very unattractive or unpleasant. The risk of unprotected sex also comes with having casual sex while drunk.

For a lady really interested in a guy with all fingers pointing in the direction of sleeping with him, it is best to stay off having sex with that cute guy. This might end up breaking your heart. Your top crush suddenly wanting to have sex with you is definitely tempting but the result can be very devastating.

Having a responsible casual sex relationship might involve setting some rule before having sex. This helps to cope with the pangs that usually occur after a one night stand. It is best your safeguard your emotional health by setting some boundaries.

Like previously mentioned, always ensure you are protected. Always endeavor to carry a condom in your bag especially for the women. You do not want to think about the possibilities of having contacted some STDs or STIs after a night of fun and pleasure.

Make sure to always have casual sex with someone matured enough for you to have a social relationship with after sex. It is best to have sex with a grown up rather than a 30-year old looking teenager.

Some attraction is essential to having responsible casual sex. It can be a very fulfilling experience after having sex with someone attracted to you and vice versa. It leaves you feeling happier, sexier, and more attractive days after having sex.

It should be noted that having casual sex responsibly is very different from random shagging.