The Rules of Casual Sex

Casual Sex

Everyone seems to want to have a casual relationship and have casual sex especially for persons that do not really know the reality of the act. The idea of engaging in casual sex has gradually become more popular in the 21st century due to the notion of the ease and non-commitment that come from such and of Casual Sex Bannercourse, technology, that has made getting a potential partner in a few clicks.

Other platforms have made it relatively easier to get a casual sex partner, and this could even be on the dance floor during a night of painting the town. It is always if you both have fun, get laid, and close the chapter. However, the case can be a lot different if any want to have that experience again as this can be really tricky.

The problems start to surface when one party gets feelings. However, there are ways of preventing this situation and ensuring that the fun goes on and the arrangement blossoms with excitement.

Define your motives

This is the foundation to every casual relationship. It is, therefore, important to be as sincere as possible especially at the onset. Regardless of the reason for wanting casual sex, allows let the other party know the motive behind the relationship and ensure that you both agree to it. Fortunately, most men, are not against the idea of getting laid without the emotional attachments that come with serious relationships.

Set some rules

Casual relationships should still have rules regardless of how casual you guys intend to be, finding local sex maybe easy but you need to stick to the rules. It is, therefore, imperative that you set some rules to guide the relationship. The rules would usually border on sleeping with other people, late night booty calls, and other such issues that could make the relationship more complicated than it should be.

Do not try to be a couple

Your boyfriend/girlfriend activities should be reduced to the barest minimum and such things like having a candle lit dinner or showing “affection” in public should be totally avoided. Focus on the business of the relationship – sex, and not the moments leading to it.

Reduce communication

The less the communication, the better for both parties. Communication outside the bedroom should be particularly limited to avoid anyone getting feelings. Simple text messages and phone calls can do the job.

Tell your feelings or run

It is not strange for someone to feel something even in a casual relationship. The problem, however, results from not dealing with the feelings appropriately. Spending more time with someone especially if you enjoy the sex, usually, leads to someone getting feelings. There basically two options here – tell them or run. As adults, you should be able to express your feelings and if this looks impossible, cut the cord clean off.

Your best interests led you to have a casual relationship in the first place, and this should not be compromised even as you look to ensure that you do not cause heartbreak for the other person. Men are just as human as women, and they have feelings, and you should consider this when making your decisions.


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10 Steps to Getting Casual Sex Right

lesbian-dating-coverCasual sex or rec sex or local sex as it sometimes called has some steps that make it what it really is. These steps are what somewhat guarantees having a casual relationship and subsequently getting casual sex the right way.

The ten steps of getting rec sex right are briefly highlighted below.

Be Nice

This is a no-brainer. The fact that you intend having a no-string-attached relationship does mean you should forget your manners and become rude or impolite. Always remember that the other party is also human.

Don’t be focused on Inner Beauty

Casual sex allows you to care less about emotions or the innate features of the other party especially as the chances of both of you meeting again or having an intimate relationship is extremely slim. You should therefore focus less on the inner beauty of the other party and instead, enjoy the time while it lasts.


The importance of honesty in life cannot be overemphasized and it is even more important that parties involved in a relationship like this, are honest with each other from the word go. Throwing away is not enough reason to throw away your honesty. Tell the other party what you want and avoid giving a fake number or asking for a number if you do not have the intention to call.

Decent Host or Polite Guest

There is always a host and guest in a hook-up situation and regardless of where you fall; you should be decent enough to treat the other with respect and courtesy. As the host, avoid kicking your guest out too early in the morning, as a sleep over would not hurt anyone. It is also important for the guest to show some politeness in whichever form he or she deems fit.


You can never be overprotected when it comes to casual sex. Always ensure you use the right protection. While condoms are a good choice, it is important to note that they might not protect you from stuffs like herpes or HPV. Also, avoid allowing strangers tie you up – this can be very dangerous.

Do Not Be Yourself

This might not go down well with most people as it is often understood that pretence is not a good thing in a casual relationship. Well, it is just a one-night stand and your partner knows close to nothing about you especially in bed. This is therefore a chance for you to reinvent your sexual self and free yourself.

Save the Romance

The danger in being romantic with your one-night stand is the fear of getting emotionally entangled. You therefore want to hold the romance and avoid doing things like reciting a love poem or even playing love songs on your guitar.

Keep it Light

A casual sex relationship is what it is – casual. You should therefore avoid revealing too much of yourself to your partner. Remember, you just want to have a nice time and so does your partner.

Be Mature

Even as both parties might be looking to exhibit their sexual desires and live their sexual fantasies, it will be wrong to complain after having casual sex. It is not a money-back guarantee deal and the best you can get is to try your luck with someone else. Instead of looking at the different ways your partner disappointed you, focus on the positives and be grateful for having that time with him or her.

Have Fun

Sex is to be enjoyed, whether it is casual or not. So have fun, make it exciting and enjoyable for parties involved.

Casual sex can be fun and exciting only if the steps mentioned above are followed, especially of you try things like dogging, things can get quite interesting.
Don’t be afraid to let your hair down and try out something you aren’t comfortable doing with a long term partner. Spice things up with a dildo, bring some light bondage gear, or take charge with a Strap-on, if that is your cup of tea.

Finding Local Sex in Your Area

Finding Local Sex In Your Area

Finding sex in your area can be just difficult and easy, depending on how you decide to go about your quest. It gets even easier here as you are not particularly in search of a soul mate which would usually require finding that person that you are perfectly made for. Here, the primary objective is to have some good time with the other party and the issue of emotions or compatibility do not necessarily come to play.

There are different ways and places of finding local sex in your area, regardless of how large or small your community is. You could opt for the rather traditional way of getting local sex partners in clubs, social events and other such places, or you could go the relatively modern way of using the internet. The major drawback to using the “traditional” method is that most small towns do not have such places that allow for meeting of casual sex partners.

The best and easiest way of finding casual sex in your area remains using the internet. This method is subtly divided into 2 – mobile apps and dating sites. Using mobile apps or dating sites to look for local sex is easy, cost-effective, and faster as compared to the other traditional option. This explains why mist people especially the young have opted for this option.

In a few minutes, you can have your profile set up and posted for other members to view and indicate their interest, just as you can view profiles of others and initiate a contact. Fields like interests and compatibility are also put in the profile area for persons interested in such areas, even as it helps you in your selection of a sex partner.

Besides the expensive nature of going to restaurants and bars in search of local sex partner, the guarantee of accomplishing your aim is almost non-existent as not everyone in the bar might be in for casual sex. This is where mobile apps and sites are particularly effective as every member is in it for one thing – sex. This makes it easy to achieve your goal as everyone has a common interest.

Casual dating sites and apps also expands your horizon as you are able to connect with people from across your local area as opposed to the restriction that comes with looking for sex in your immediate community when you visit bars and restaurants.

People that are also shy or find it a bit difficult to express themselves also get an advantage using online platforms as they are usually at ease and comfortable chatting with the other party at least, before the eventual physical encounter.

However, this is not totally rubbishing the idea of finding local sex in bars, restaurants and clubs, as not everyone is into the technology thing, even as some people prefer the physicality and somewhat originality that come with people physically as opposed to on the internet.

For the kind of people mentioned above, looking good and attractive is of great importance. Even as the real deal is the bedroom activity, it is important to note that the only way to get someone to talk to you let alone sleep with you, is to appear attractive.

Casual Sex Manchester


Casual sex in Manchester, England, or any other place across the globe is not new and people of different background and orientation have been engaging in this act for centuries. No strings attached relationships are excellent for those that do not want to go through the emotional attachment and sometimes heartbreaks that come with being a serious relationship.

Casual sex in Manchester is therefore not a new concept and thanks to the population of this part of England, persons interested in having such a relationship do not find it difficult to find a matching partner. Finding someone Casual Sex Bannerthat wants a casual sex relationship however goes beyond spotting an individual in the bar or any other such location as only persons with superpowers are able to know the mind of others. The online casual dating sites have therefore come to the rescue of seekers of casual sex relationships in Manchester.

The traditional way of visiting bars, nightclubs or any other location in search of someone interested in a one night stand is not only outdated, it is stressful and sometimes unfruitful. The reward from such expeditions is also not worth the effort and online casual dating sites have come to ease the stress, make the process more effective, more affordable, and of course, a  more fun and exciting way to get local sex.

While using an online dating site is a step to having a casual sex relationship not only in Manchester but also anywhere in the world, it is also imperative to keep the relationship as casual as possible. It is not strange to see people involved in a casual sex relationship get jealous and overly emotionally attached to their partner and this only damages the fun and excitement of the relationship especially if the other party is not as attached. You therefore want to ensure that you are just as casual as the other party.

Casual sex relationships have boundaries and rules that need to be followed to get the best of out of the relationship. Staying within the boundaries ensures that no party is entangled in funny emotions and the fun of the relationship is maintained. It is sometimes advised that the terms of the relationship are stated from the onset and this will include the duration, and the fact that it is of course, a casual sex relationship. On no occasion should the terms be violated unless both parties are agreeing to get into a committed relationship.

Online dating sites will link persons interested in casual sex relationships but the parties involved have their parts to play if the relationship is going to be fun. The man in particular wants the lady in his bed at the end of the night and this requires that you treat her right and you stay focused on your goal.

It is important not to get too drunk on your date night as this could ruin the night. You also want to get your lady a drink, but not one that would get her overboard as she needs to be conscious to balance the fun equation.

In addition to the tips and tricks of having casual sex in Manchester, it is important to note that not all dating sites offer what they claim and you might want to do your homework before settling for one.

Monogamy not your thing? Here’s why you should consider an open relationship

Open relationship can mean different thing depending on the individual providing the answer and his or her perspective on some issues. The very important issue regardless of one’s definition of casual is to always ensure to engage in safe sexual encounters as you do not want to put that person you really love in any danger due to your sexual escapades even as you try to keep yourself safe from any of the many sexually related health threats.

Not everybody can actual cope with having a monogamous lifestyle and the thought of being with just one person throughout the remainder of their lives can be really frustrating. And if the common saying that men are naturally polygamous is to be followed, having an open relationship might just be the solution you have been looking for.

If you fall into this category of people, here some reasons you should consider having an open relationship instead of continuously suffering in silence or worse still, having to deal with the guilt that comes with cheating on your partner.

One of the reasons you should consider an open relationship is the freedom that comes with it. With an open relationship you do not just get the freedom to have sexual encounters with other parties, it also gives some spark to your relationship and you get to be a better partner and even appreciate your best half the more. Having intimate relationships outside the official, whether or not there emotions are attached, makes you a better partner to the one you are committed to.

Another reason you want to consider an open relationship as against being monogamous is the fact that you are free of the guilt attached to cheating your partner. Because both parties are in agreement to get sexually intimate with outsiders, there are really no cheaters in the relationship.

While some people are in total disagreement with the concept of an open relationship and the said benefits justifying it, parties involved have continued to advocate and support this lifestyle and in fact go on state their happiness with having to be in an open relationship.

It should however be pointed out that open relationships might not be perfect for every couple and even for those that find the idea inviting and tempting, there are some rules and guideline to be followed to ensure the relationship is fun and fulfilling.

Is it really possible to keep emotions at bay in threesome casual sex?

It is a casual sex relationship with both parties definitely being adventurous and fun lovers. So why not throw in some more fun into the relationship and have a threesome. From fantasies to having dreamt about it, many people have actually thought about the idea of breaking the sexual encounter norm and having more than just two people being actors in the scene.

Threesome, foursome, or even moresome requires some real emotional test especially if it is to be done with you are in a committed relationship. The case is however different in casual sex relationships especially if the parties involved are the adventurous type. In a threesome, there is always a unicorn which is the third-party who is usually unattached. In this case, this might be a bisexual woman you and your casual sex partner have agreed to include in the act to spice up the whole process.

While many men will consider the act of threesome as fun and would ordinarily not have emotions running, women are bound to have some feeling of either envy or jealousy and this can be largely attributed to how they were created. If very well organised with all due considerations made and all factors put into proper perspective, the players in a threesome casual sex act can be guaranteed of having fun even as not too much emotions come into play.

Women have a big role to play in keeping emotions at bay in a threesome whether it is casual or not. This is because of what having a threesome entails. It not just sharing a man with another lady, it actually goes as far as the man coming to orgasm because of another woman right in your presence. You really need to be a big girl to handle that.

To ensure you have an enjoyable threesome casual sex in a local sex threesome , there are some guidelines to follow. The first of them is to avoid the consumption of alcohol or any other intoxicant before or during the act.

It is also essential to be a cheerful giver and expect less during a threesome. To avoid emotions coming to play, you need to expect less from the other parties in the act and be sure to give all you can to satisfy them.

Emotions do not work well with threesome either it is one with committed partners or just friends with benefits. Let your hands do the work and keep your mind off it. Remember to use different condoms for each woman when you decide to penetrate and also useful different hands for them to avoid the transmission of STDs.


Sex in the car , is it legal?

This is fast becoming a common practice with people increasingly engaging in sexual acts in their cars. At least, people get sexual in their vehicles four times before they leave planet earth. While some people think of this idea as sexy especially the daring and adventurous ones, others see it as sordid. Regardless of people’s perception about sex in the car, it is worth knowing what the law says about the act.

So is having in the car legal? The answer is YES. Do not get all happy and sexy at the back of that car yet as there are some facts you should be aware of. In some cases, deriving sexual pleasure by getting down in your car can lead to prosecution and in some instances, imprisonment.

The Sexual Offences Act 2003 does not really go against having sex in the car. However, a point should be known. Both parties in the act should be above the age of consent, and you did not pick up anyone while kerb crawling. If both conditions have been satisfied and your location is reasonably private, then you can bone till your heart bones no more.

You do not want to be having sex at the back set of your car in the car park of a supermarket that is illuminated with floodlights as you could be flouting the public decency act, a common law offence i Wales and England. Having said this, for an act to be classified as being offensive under this act, it must have been s lewd to have outraged public decency. The act must have also been done in a place where at least two people could have seen you in the act even if they did not actually witness it, and of course, it must have been reported by someone.

This means, sex in the car can only be accepted if it could not have offended anyone and the people around could not have seen you getting down.

The careless folks that are not particular about the location and time of having sex in the car should be wary as the Halsbury’s Laws of England states that outraging public decency is a punishable act and if found guilty, it attract an unlimited imprisonment or/and an unlimited fine.

The actual fun comes from having sex in the car without having to be bothered by the law. You therefore need to have your thinking caps on ad be wise about it.


Is revenge or rebound sex common for college students following a break up?

The thought of getting in bed with a friend or even a stranger in a bit to drown the sorrow following a break up has been seen in movies and television shows and some people would rather consider this a myth and not a reality.

More than just a myth or an act on the TV screens, the idea of revenge or rebound sex is actually a reality and has been discovered to be a common way for people to get themselves together after a break up. It is left to find out whether or not this method is effective and if so, how effective it is.

A study to find out how common this phenomenon with college students being a focal point was conducted by the University of Missouri’s psychologist Lynne Cooper and master’s student Lindsay Barber, where 170 college students were assessed. These students have previously had a share of broken hearts after ending their respective romantic relationship within the last eight months.

Participants had to give reports on how they felt about their former partners and how they felt emotionally and their sexual exploits after the break up.

The study revealed that people actually do sex to get back at their ex after the break up. This is according to the Cooper, stated in the TIME.

The report also discovered that dumped partners were susceptible to being stressed out with a majority of them prone to have sex in order to cope with the situation and also in a bid to get back at their previous partner.

In actual fact, it was reported that having sex after a break up to get over a partner was more common that as a way to get back at him or her with both genders guilty of this.

Revenge or rebound sex seems to be more common among those with personalities that are hostile and would often feel angered. People with low self esteem and pessimism have also been reported to be susceptible to revenge or rebound sex.

Having to cope with a break up after a long-lasting relationship almost always meant the recovery time will last long and thus, there is a great possibility of having a huge number of casual sex encounters.

Rebound or revenge sex has not been particularly found to be effective in healing a broken heart. The short-term emotional healing effect can however not be overlooked.



How to have successful casual sex, everyone feels good about?

The fact of casual sex remains a reality that has come to say with increasing number of people doing it and many of them actually enjoying it. The urge to engage in casual sex remains especially for those in a relationship that is not monogamous. Parties involved should however be careful of the dangers involved especially as sexually transmitted diseases are concerned. This means people need to be protected and this goes beyond the use of condoms, the readiness to have casual sex should also exist. This means emotional and physical readiness if you really want to feel good after having a casual sex encounter.

So you are planning to step out this night to get yourself some sexual satisfaction and you thinking of the necessary things to put in place in order to have a successful casual sex with both parties involved feeling good after the encounter, read on and you can be sure of great sexual pleasure.

The first step to having a successful casual sex is getting your body ready for the night or even the day. For the feminine folks, this might involve having to shave the legs to ensure your legs are sexy and have no unwanted hairs that might scare your partner away. Your underarms should also be taken care of and there are various products that can help get rid of the unwanted hair and get you set for a wonderful night out and a great casual sex encounter.

Your body and the hairs you have on it should be casual sex ready and so should your libido be. It is essential to have a sexual urge that is ready to get the ball rolling if you want an enjoyable casual sex. It might do you some help as woman, to go with some lotion that helps to enhance your sexual feeling. These lotions not only help lubricate the vagina, it also gives some feeling of warmth that turns you on and adds some excitement to the sex. There are other products designed to get you aroused and fully prepared for the best sexual experience you have had in a very long time. The primary aim is to get you aroused and put you in the right mood.

The last tip to having a successful casual sex that leaves both parties with memories they would love to have lingered in their minds for a very long time is to have some protection in form of a condom. You do not want to ruin your encounter with the fear of getting infected by a sexually transmitted infection or disease or even getting pregnant. It is meant to be fun and casual and you do not want to get emotionally disturbed by having to cope with some pregnancy or infection.

Casual sex is meant to be fun and the only way to make it so is to do it using your brain and no just your body.


Casual sex – why do we feel so guilty about hooking up?

Sex is everywhere and everybody does it regardless of the age, gender or any other such factors. From images and sights projected on the internet, to what is shown on the screens of our television sets, sex is everywhere we turn to even in our thoughts. So why the feeling of guilt when we hook up?

Even as the number of people engaged in sex continues to increase daily, the mention of the word or the topic “hooking up” brings mixed reactions. Many people view the topic has been dirty forgetting that our natural desires did not result from errors.

Studies have shown that women feel most ashamed about the topic and the stigmatization that comes from expressing their sexuality can be attributed to this. And while the masculine folks might be a bit fortunate in this regard, a promiscuous man is usually labelled a predator.

Many women will not agree with just having sex for the fun of it and would like to attach some reasons no matter how flimsy they might sound. For the men, having sex almost comes naturally whether or not there is an attachment or pretext. This leads to a double standard that seems to favour the men against the feminine folks.

Despite the much talk about sexuality, some people still find it easy to make it happen. This does not have to do with the acceptable societal sexual relationships like being married or in a committed relationship.

The case is however different in casual sex as people perceive sex in this kind of relationship differently. This might be coming from history or religion. Religious goes a long was to influence our perception of sex and some communities still punish people for engaging in sexual acts outside the marriage confines.

The stigmatization concerning casual hook ups continues in most societies with no particular explanation for this. This point to the fact that our thoughts and reasoning have been influenced by the society we find ourselves.

The adventurous soul finds this taboo even a more reason to engage in casual sex as it is seen as a break from the norm even if it is just for some minutes.

So yes, casual sex has come to stay no matter how guilty it feels to hook up with that stranger. Some tips to kill the guilt surrounding the subject matter includes exploring your beliefs to find explanations to why the guilt comes in, working through your negative feelings, and of course, explore.