Speed dating is a phenomenon that allows a great number of men and women to meet for the main goal of finding a match in the shortest time possible. Speed dating can be said to have originated from the Jewish people when the Jewish Rabbi Yaacov Deyo created it as a platform for Jews to meet where they were in minority. Speed dating has grown to gain popularity even in the gay and lesbian communities.

Speed dating is usually organized by dating agencies where a bar or restaurant is rented and arranged for a group of persons after the payment of a certain fee to allow participation in the event.

Each person has the duration of about 8 minutes to sit at a table with a potential mate. Both parties chat and try to find out some few things about each other even as they stay within the time limit. Individuals move to another table with the expiration of the set time and the process continues until the entire table is exhausted and every participant gets a chance to meet all other prospective dates.

The process is followed by each participant filling out a form and stating who they would like to see again. The list is reviewed by organizers after the event is over and in cases where both persons are interested in one another, the phone numbers and other possible contact details are handed out to the participants for them to follow up.

In speed dating events, arguments are prohibited and an environment that is fun filled is encouraged.

Speed is one of the most important advantages of speed dating. In a very short while, one gets to meet a large number and variety of people with everybody having the same goal of finding a mate. Making the first impression the best is imperative to finding a perfect match.

Another advantage of speed dating is the fact that it almost completely eliminated face-to-face rejection. Numbers are not immediately exchanged until the event ends and there is a match thus, the pain of not receiving an offer is reduced.

With speed dating, it is a two-way traffic and both parties play the role of trying to get the interest of the party.

Speed dating also creates an access to meet like-minded persons looking for the same thing. All participants are meant to be single and ready to mingle and this takes away the guilt of being the cause of heartbreak and also provides the opportunity for busy singles to find other singles they may be interested in.

Speed dating usually comes affordable and with a few demerits, it is worth giving it a try.