Being a single mum venturing into dating, especially speed dating can be a scary experience. The thoughts of what to do, how to act and whether or not dating is the most appropriate thing is sure to cloud the mind. You are also considering your kids and finding the most appropriate guy that will accept them and vice versa.

In the midst of all these, it is very important you do things for yourself. Your physical and mental health should be kept as perfect as possible. Socializing and dating is very good for the body. There are several advices on the internet from dating sites on how to date happily and successfully as a single mum. It however all boils down to being happy. A summary of these tips is presented below.

Sincerity and honesty are important factors to having a fun filled date as a single mum. Most single mums will like to hide the fact that they have kids when on a date with man especially if the man has never had a child. It is true that some men freak out on hearing this but most guys will be receptive and even see you as more responsible. Men find single men to be stable.

It is also essential to have a good attitude when speed dating. This actually applies to dating in general. There is absolutely no need to hit your ex with negative remarks or to be negative about your situation. Speed dating gives you only some few minutes to make a lasting impression and your attitude can be determinant in the outcome of that date.

When going for speed dating, you want to be fully prepared. Arming yourself with some questions to ask your dates can help fasten the process of knowing your dates. Make sure these questions are important to you.

Presentation matters in speed dating. Some men can actually profile a woman based on how she is dressed. Some men see single women as being frumpy. Moderation is essential here as you do not want to show up looking like a super model but you should try your best to look nice and simple.

When one is speed dating, YOU are the most important party. It is therefore important to be yourself and let those interested be attracted to you as you are. You should not try to make someone like you or change you as the consequence can be severe in the long run.

Remember, you are strong, beautiful, and amazing. Being a single mum isn’t a disease so do not make it look like one.

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