10 Steps to Getting Casual Sex Right

lesbian-dating-coverCasual sex or rec sex or local sex as it sometimes called has some steps that make it what it really is. These steps are what somewhat guarantees having a casual relationship and subsequently getting casual sex the right way.

The ten steps of getting rec sex right are briefly highlighted below.

Be Nice

This is a no-brainer. The fact that you intend having a no-string-attached relationship does mean you should forget your manners and become rude or impolite. Always remember that the other party is also human.

Don’t be focused on Inner Beauty

Casual sex allows you to care less about emotions or the innate features of the other party especially as the chances of both of you meeting again or having an intimate relationship is extremely slim. You should therefore focus less on the inner beauty of the other party and instead, enjoy the time while it lasts.


The importance of honesty in life cannot be overemphasized and it is even more important that parties involved in a relationship like this, are honest with each other from the word go. Throwing away is not enough reason to throw away your honesty. Tell the other party what you want and avoid giving a fake number or asking for a number if you do not have the intention to call.

Decent Host or Polite Guest

There is always a host and guest in a hook-up situation and regardless of where you fall; you should be decent enough to treat the other with respect and courtesy. As the host, avoid kicking your guest out too early in the morning, as a sleep over would not hurt anyone. It is also important for the guest to show some politeness in whichever form he or she deems fit.


You can never be overprotected when it comes to casual sex. Always ensure you use the right protection. While condoms are a good choice, it is important to note that they might not protect you from stuffs like herpes or HPV. Also, avoid allowing strangers tie you up – this can be very dangerous.

Do Not Be Yourself

This might not go down well with most people as it is often understood that pretence is not a good thing in a casual relationship. Well, it is just a one-night stand and your partner knows close to nothing about you especially in bed. This is therefore a chance for you to reinvent your sexual self and free yourself.

Save the Romance

The danger in being romantic with your one-night stand is the fear of getting emotionally entangled. You therefore want to hold the romance and avoid doing things like reciting a love poem or even playing love songs on your guitar.

Keep it Light

A casual sex relationship is what it is – casual. You should therefore avoid revealing too much of yourself to your partner. Remember, you just want to have a nice time and so does your partner.

Be Mature

Even as both parties might be looking to exhibit their sexual desires and live their sexual fantasies, it will be wrong to complain after having casual sex. It is not a money-back guarantee deal and the best you can get is to try your luck with someone else. Instead of looking at the different ways your partner disappointed you, focus on the positives and be grateful for having that time with him or her.

Have Fun

Sex is to be enjoyed, whether it is casual or not. So have fun, make it exciting and enjoyable for parties involved.

Casual sex can be fun and exciting only if the steps mentioned above are followed, especially of you try things like dogging, things can get quite interesting.
Don’t be afraid to let your hair down and try out something you aren’t comfortable doing with a long term partner. Spice things up with a dildo, bring some light bondage gear, or take charge with a Strap-on, if that is your cup of tea.