Is Casual sex Good for your Health

While several people frown at the concept of casual sex relationship, the fact remains that it is fun and exciting particularly as you do not have to deal with the emotions and other such burdens that come with serious relationships.

The increasing popularity of no-strings-attached relationships attributed to the benefits of such relationships has further substantiated the claim that casual hookups are not as bad as most people believe. According to a study conducted by researchers from NYU and Cornell, it was revealed that sexual activities outside the context of a romantic relationship do not leave people feeling depressed or having low self-esteem. The study actually revealed that students that had unrestricted sex relationships had higher well-being after having casual sex compared to not getting it. Students that were involved in no-strings-attached relationships were also reported to a lower stress level and a greater overall emotional health after casual sex.

This basically shows that having casual hookups can be good for your health if the rules, particularly as it relates to staying protected during the encounter. Casual sex does not only help the well-being of the parties but can also help boost their self-esteem, helping them to feel better about themselves. This claim was substantiated by a study published in Social Psychological & Personality Science in 2014, which looked at the concept of sociosexuality among college students. The study showed that students involved in casual hookups felt better about themselves after the act, while sexually conservative students generally unaffected by casual sex.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, there are other features and benefits of casual sex that make it a good option particularly for single folks. Some of these immense features are briefly discussed below.

No game playing

Once you get into a friends-with-benefits mode, the last thing you have to worry about is getting all stressed up about calling your partners or getting calls from them. “In theory, the friends-with-benefits situation allows you both to relax,” says sex therapist, Dr. Ian Kerner of ( “It is a straightforward deal – you are friends who have sex, nothing more.”

Relatively safer compared to a one-night stand

While casual sex comes with its own dangers, such hook-ups are relatively less risky compared to having a one-night stand with a total stranger. This is so as having sex with someone you only just met can be very risky as it involves going to the place of someone you do not know.

None of the other burdens

As mentioned earlier, a casual relationship helps you avoid the responsibilities and commitments that come with an ideal relationship. You need not meet the families of your partner or even call them if you do not want to. It also gives you time to focus on other important parts of your life including your career or even moving to another area. Enjoying sex with a person you know is particularly ideal in such situations.

Removal of desperation

Having good sex can be likened to sprinkling magic fairy dust as it tends to attract more sex. While this might just be a myth, getting sex has been linked with finding several suitors. This is particularly true as it becomes evident in your face and body as a whole. This can be attributed to orgasms making you feel good and sex getting your blood pumping, consequently giving you a glow.

Opportunity to look for a long-term lover

FWB does not stop you from looking for a better person and this is one of the attractions for women in-between relationships. However, it is worth noting that the rules of engagement must be clearly stated and followed to the letter if you are to look for other partners while you continue getting it down with your friends with benefits.

Sex without emotional investment

Another benefit of casual sex, which can be directly linked with it being a form of stress relief, is that involves very little risk of heartbreak. Basically, it allows you to have good, fun sex without getting emotionally entangled with anyone. It also gives you the opportunity to explore your sexuality and behave in ways that would have been otherwise difficult or impossible if you were with a person you have a more intimate relationship with.

One of the major risks involved in casual hook-ups especially with FWBs is the possibility of falling in love with your partner. While this might otherwise sound dangerous, it is actually an opportunity to take the relationship to another level, which might be a good one for both parties provided it is a mutual agreement.

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