Being a single mum venturing into dating, especially speed dating can be a scary experience. The thoughts of what to do, how to act and whether or not dating is the most appropriate thing is sure to cloud the mind. You are also considering your kids and finding the most appropriate guy that will accept them and vice versa.

In the midst of all these, it is very important you do things for yourself. Your physical and mental health should be kept as perfect as possible. Socializing and dating is very good for the body. There are several advices on the internet from dating sites on how to date happily and successfully as a single mum. It however all boils down to being happy. A summary of these tips is presented below.

Sincerity and honesty are important factors to having a fun filled date as a single mum. Most single mums will like to hide the fact that they have kids when on a date with man especially if the man has never had a child. It is true that some men freak out on hearing this but most guys will be receptive and even see you as more responsible. Men find single men to be stable.

It is also essential to have a good attitude when speed dating. This actually applies to dating in general. There is absolutely no need to hit your ex with negative remarks or to be negative about your situation. Speed dating gives you only some few minutes to make a lasting impression and your attitude can be determinant in the outcome of that date.

When going for speed dating, you want to be fully prepared. Arming yourself with some questions to ask your dates can help fasten the process of knowing your dates. Make sure these questions are important to you.

Presentation matters in speed dating. Some men can actually profile a woman based on how she is dressed. Some men see single women as being frumpy. Moderation is essential here as you do not want to show up looking like a super model but you should try your best to look nice and simple.

When one is speed dating, YOU are the most important party. It is therefore important to be yourself and let those interested be attracted to you as you are. You should not try to make someone like you or change you as the consequence can be severe in the long run.

Remember, you are strong, beautiful, and amazing. Being a single mum isn’t a disease so do not make it look like one.

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Lesbianism is becoming a very popular phenomenon with the community having its own language. For those wondering what being a lesbian is, a lesbian is a woman who loves other women and is sexually attracted to other women. Lesbians are not at all attracted to men whether or not there is a woman around.

As a young lesbian or someone new to the lesbian community, it is normal to find yourself lost during discussions in a group or social outing. Like any other community, the lesbian community has some shared terms used in describing their roles, identities, and behaviours. The amount of information to learn as a new lesbian can be overwhelming and exhausting. Here is a list of some of the most commonly used lesbian terms that allows for easy communication within the community and you are sure to never get lost in communication again.

Dyke – it is another word for lesbian and is sometimes used as a derogative term. And just like the N word, lesbians have reclaimed the term and is now a term of strength and power with only people in the community allowed to use it.

Baby Dyke – this refers to a young lesbian or someone new to lesbianism and is often immature.

Drag King – this term is used to refer to a woman that dresses like a man often in a performance.

Butch – this is a lesbian with masculine appearance and manners and often identifies with stereotypically masculine activities.

Femme – this is a lesbian with feminine appearance and manners and is often identifies with activities famous with the feminine folks.

Lip Stick Lesbian – a lipstick lesbian is similar to a femme but with even more feminine features and characters.

MTF – this is a male that has transitioned into a woman. They are referred to as trans woman. Some don’t support their inclusion in the LGBT community.

Sapphic – this is related to the Poet Sappho who was a lyrical Poet from the Island of Lesbos. Her poems had female homosexuality theses and the term was derived from the word Lesbos.

There are several other terms used in the lesbian community. Some of those terms are soft bunch and gold star or star lesbian.

A good understanding of these terms and the language of the lesbian community can be very helpful especially of you are just joining the community. This is allows for easy and effective communication.

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The irony of life is when the masculine folks wonder where all the horny women are, and the women wonder how they can initiate casual sex. Women with the guts and courage to approach a guy or man for a no strings attached relationship are usually seen as being wayward or loose. This makes it difficult for many women to initiate casual sex. The fact however is that there is always someone somewhere looking for casual sex just as you; you only have to search the right places.

There are some strategic places to look when in search of a partner for casual sex. Some of those places include local clubs, online dating sites, and special interest groups. You might also want to visit swingers clubs for a no string attached relationship.

One of the easiest ways of finding a casual sex partner is to go on adult online dating sites. While some of these sites are targeted towards persons looking for a life partner, some are specifically designed to match up persons wanting casual sex and relationships with absolutely no emotional attachments.

Very good dating sites will have match ups in locations around the globe guaranteeing users a partner anywhere they are. It simply means wherever you are in search of casual sex, you are sure of getting a partner wanting the same thing.

This can also be a good way of allowing that adventurous spirit in you out. You can imagine chatting up a guy on the site who lives in UK while you are a resident of the US. This gives you some excuse to jump on the plane and take a flight to the UK. Imagine the fun of having sex with a new friend in a hotel far away from home. Crazy, isn’t it?

The first step in setting up an encounter is getting on the site and talking to guys. The internet affords the opportunity to say everything and anything with element of shyness. This kind of chatting is not only fun, it is also safe as you might end you never meeting some of these men.

It gets better for women as some dating sites offer free membership to women. So you need not pay for the pleasure of finding men and hooking up with them if you are eventually lucky. You can call that some gender equality of you so wish.

Despite the large number of women in the world, it is quite amazing how these wonderful creations are still in high demand.

So initiating a casual sex for a woman is very easy. You can do this in any way you please and the best place to start is to join a good quality adult dating site. Be sure to check out the reliability and safety of the site before registering.


The Best Places to Meet Women for Casual Sex – Great Tips for Guys NOT Looking for Relationships

It is largely believed that men need to put in a huge effort in meeting women and romancing ladies. This is true for some women but there are also lots of women that just want casual sex. This might be due to the increased sexualisation of the western society but the fact remains that women nowadays are more assertive about expressing their sexuality and are happy to let the words about their love and want for sex come out of their mouths. This is unlike the more conservative woman of some years ago that would have been branded a slut or whore if such words come out of her mouth. The fear to voice their desires lingered in their minds but today, it is a much different and somewhat better scenario.

The question of where a man finds such a woman interested in nothing but sex with a man with no strings attached arises. No thought of settling down or having a long-term commitment is allowed. The first and most obvious place especially in the UK is where alcohol is sold and consumed. Women tend to open up more on their sexual wants and desires once they are lubricated. There are other very good spots to pick up women interested in casual sex. For folks interested in casual sex in the UK, the locations and venues listed below are worth considering.

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Football Matches/Games

Women sports fans have been found to be more promiscuous than those who sit at home doing some ironing and knitting. Women who love to see men run around playing sports especially while they drink a beer or two are very good candidates for picking up and taking home.

Car Racing

Something comes with the power, noise, and energy if motor racing events that gets ladies hot and horny and wanting to get laid. It gets them wanting some special kind of servicing and tuning up. Women that are into motor sports and car racing are generally eager to have some fun and engage in some guilt free sexual encounter with guys they meet at the track.

Horse Racing Track

Maybe not too particular in the UK, women for casual sex can be very well found at spots that combine drinking, gambling, and sports. It can be of some benefit to go along with some friends as these women are usually in packs and this allows some of your friends go home a date.

The Internet

You might want to save your stress the stress and money involved in attending the outdoor activities mentioned above and is there any better place to get casual sex partners than the internet. The internet saves time, money, and effort as you have several women to pick from by just surfing the internet. There are sites online that have been specially designed to help match individuals wanting casual sex. These sites usually have ladies from all around the UK so you need not worry about your location and whether or not there are girls to quench your sexual thirst.


It is fast becoming a hot topic and a fast trending one at that to see women previously leaving their husbands to be with other women. Several reasons and factors have been attributed to this trend. Some people say women turn to other women in middle ages because the older men are going for younger women, leaving the older women with no one.

Other say these women fall in love with a person who happens to be a female and these feelings has nothing to do with the gender of the other party as they do not see themselves as lesbians. The other group of women have always been attracted to women for a very long time but never had the guts to accept the fact that they are lesbians and never really gave themselves permission to act on these feelings. The self-confidence was later developed later in their lives.

The first emotion for a single lesbian in midlife is panic. Going to the bars to meet other women can be a horrifying experience. There are however other places and activities that allow lesbians to meet like –minded women. The internet offers a wealth of platforms to meet other lesbians.

Middle aged lesbians tend to be more selective as they want to avoid another short term relationship. Is as much as there is the need and desire to share their lives with someone else, experience has thought middle aged lesbians to patiently wait for Ms. Right than to get involve in a relationship destined to fail.

A very surprising thing about midlife dating as regards lesbians is that it is quite easy to find a girlfriend. Unless a single lesbian decides to remain single, it takes a relatively short time to get a partner. This might be due to the fact that women are more emotional, intense, and passionate when it comes to intimate relationships. Lesbians, especially the older ones however prefer to remain single until the right match comes in order to avoid the relationship burning out in little time.

Other dating adventures seem unchanged but experience has thought middle aged lesbians on how to make the best of choices.

A very common mistake among middle aged lesbians is the rush to find someone to date. This can be devastating and lesbians should rather work on being happy and self-dependent and the ladies are sure to come calling. Suitors find confident and independent ladies more attractive than the desperate ones.

It can be a bit difficult for midlife lesbians to bounce back after a breakup and the best way to deal with this is to regularly hangout with buddies for a while. This helps get the swing back and eases the pathway for getting another relationship on the way.

Middle aged lesbians should not fret about finding a good catch. Indeed in the lesbian community, there are many singles in midlife that are good catches. The recycling process in the community ensures there are always eligible, mature women who have been there, done that, and are now ready for a steady, committed relationship.
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The Dogging Trend

Dogging is a sex tend that has its origin from the United Kingdom and has gained popularity in several countries around the world with nations liken Canada, the US, Germany, France and New Zealand joining the queue. It is essentially having sex in a car parked in a public place with other people joining in or just watching. It comes in handy for folks wanting a one-night tryst that should not go beyond the public park.

The name originates from Peeping Toms that would follow or dog couples hoping to catch them in the act. It was done in tube stations late in the night and just recently, the parking lots and parks have been having their own share of dogging.

It sounds a bit fun if you are the adventurous type. For the interested ones, here are some information on where to find the scene and some tips on how it is done.


Finding doggers is pretty thanks to technology. The internet is the first point of call for doggers and remains one of the best places to get doggers. Internet forums and newsgroups provide a platform for doggers to find each other. It is quicker and easier as some forums go as far as posting times and places of these events. Websites for doggers in the UK list the most popular secluded locations like parking lots and public parks.

The Bluetooth technology also avails doggers the opportunity to find each other. With the Bluetooth technology, phones in the vicinity can be found while in a night club or public transport and a general proposition sent to these phones just to check if there is any interested party.

Now that doggers have found each other, there is the need to know how the act is done.

One way is to invite voyeurs to approach the car to allow them get a full view of happenings. Parking the cart in a somewhat visible spot and flashing the headlights or leaving the interior car light on signals everyone that doggers are about to have something go down.

Be sure to give onlookers a good view by rolling down the windows to allow them get a very good view of the action. After all, that is what dogging is all about.

If you are generous enough and you would not mind sharing the action, opening the door to invite other would not be such a bad idea. Fling the doors open and let one of them come in or better still, get out if the vehicle. And if you are looking for dogging locations then there are a few site like Dogging Finder who can help

Dogging has been around for decades with some studies showing it emerged in the mid twentieth century. It has however been made more fashionable and fun with the youths everywhere introducing some dynamism to the act or “art”.

You would be surprised at how many people actually go dogging around the work, dogging in the usa is very popular too.

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It can be very shocking to suddenly realise you are a lesbian in the later stages of your life; let’s say you are already 40. The somewhat lucky ones find like-minded folks and therefore seek out a relationship. This certainly involves having the first date with a woman and this might seem a bit weird being the first lesbian date.

There is really no need to worry as the concept remains the same. It is just two people meeting each other and learning more about each other in order to determine if they will be a second meeting and a possible long term one at that. For the first date however, parties need not think far of a long term or lifetime relationship as this might be too early and can put some pressure on both parties. Attraction might be instant, but love usually needs time and some kid of nurturing to grow. So if you enjoy the first date and all seems to be working well with both parties looking compatible, it might be giving the second date a try.

It is however advised that you be patient as the attraction on the first date might just be a flash that will possibly result in short lived and stormy affairs. So you might want to be patient and take it slow. Remember, an attraction does not necessarily guarantee compatibility.

Going back to the basics of first dates, asking for the date can be a trying process. Unlike in straight relationships where the man has to make the move, it is up to any of the parties to initiate the move. It is advisable you jump as the sooner you ask the better. This reduces the anxiety and the agonizing wait. It also helps you develop some confidence that will surely make the next invitation easier. The invitation should be as personal as possible and this can be done in person or on the phone.

There are no rules to whether you meet up each other or a party offering to pick up the other. If you want a nightcap, you might consider a pick up as this usually mean dropping off and even more.

It is advised that you do not go beyond your comfort zone on the first date. This is particularly true as regards expectations of sexual activity. Clearly state your limits and do not be afraid to state your feeling if you feel pressured. Do not pressurize your date either, it is simply bad manners.

There are also no rules regarding the party to handle the bills for the date. You can either split the bill or one of you pays. Either way, make sure you are cautious of obligation concerns and getting into a controlling relationship.

Always remind yourself of the primary goal of the first date – learning more about each other and testing your compatibility. Keep these points in mind and you can be rest assured of having a nice time.


It is general misconception to think that older people should not think about sex. Some people even think that older people need no intimate relationship forgetting that old people are still human and sexual beings and are also in need of some kind of sexual experience even as senior people.

In fact, many persons see an older man having sexual desires as having a dirty mind. This is another false assumption. Sex is only a natural part of our life and just as we need to eat even at old age, having sexual relationship is also needed even at old age.

Studies have actually shown that older people would like to have a normal sexual life regardless of their gender – male or female. In fact, having a normal sexual life makes older people feel a lot younger.

It should be noted that bodies change as we age. A man over 50 will certainly have a different performance both sexually and with other activities from a 20 year old. It is a known fact that our bodies change as we age. Our level of energy reduces as we get older and this also affects our sex life. Older people may only be able to have sex more than twice a week unlike when they were years younger and would have sex for up to four times a week.

Another point to be noted about older people and their sex life is that it takes longer time to get them fully aroused. This can be helped by having a longer and better foreplay unlike the younger people that will have a rush when they are having foreplay.

Having said all these, it is advised that older people spice up their relationship in bed with the use of sex toys. Sex toys are largely believed to be for the young folks but older people also enjoy it.

In addition to using sex toys, older people might also need to use lubricants. This is particularly true of older women that may not be able to lubricate themselves when having an intimate relationship. Using some lubricants will help at this end. It a natural phenomenon and no big deal should be made out of it. Women should however be sure of the quality and safety of the lubricants before using them.

Exploring different sex positions will certainly make the sex lives of older people more interesting and enjoyable. They should therefore not be scared of trying out different sex positions; after all, variety is the spice of life.

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How to keep lesbian dating more personal

Lesbian dating is fast becoming an accepted phenomenon with the large and increasing number of lesbian dating sites verifying this claim. Lesbian dating and lesbian dating sites are just as common as other singles websites.

Despite the claimed acceptance, lesbians still desire some level of privacy. The lesbian community still wants to maintain some privacy as regards their lifestyle for different reasons. As the manager of a large corporation, you do not want to be seen in public kissing another woman as you can imagine the impact this will have on your career.

For some lesbians, it is more of a matter of self-esteem than anything else. They probably have not fully accepted their lifestyle and would rather prefer keeping it a secret. Whatever your reasons for wanting to keep your being a lesbian private, the following tips will ensure your aim is achieved.


Meeting lesbian single at online dating websites is the first tip to ensure your lesbian dating stays private. By doing this, only those on the dating sites are aware of your escapades. The only possibility of a leak is if a member of the lesbian dating site knows you and reveals the lifestyle to the public. There are many sites offering online dating services for lesbians.


Another great tip that would help in keeping your lesbian singles and lifestyle more private is going out on dates with your partner in locations out of town. This means you go on dates or other such occasions with your lady friend to places out of the town you reside in. there are two benefits to this. The first is that it keeps your relationship more private and you stand a lower risk of being seen by familiar faces. The other advantage of having dates outside of town is that it allows you visit restaurants and locations you would have never visited.


The third tip that will help you keep your lesbian lifestyle to yourself is letting your lady partner know your feeling towards keeping the relationship private. It is a normal feeling and you should not be scared to reveal it to your partner. This helps keep the relationship private as your partner thus know how to relate with you in public and can exercise some caution in the way she talks and behaves.


There are several individuals in similar situation of trying to keep their lesbian lifestyle private but it may be surprising to see a change of feeling when they finally meet that special someone and they care less about what the public has to say about their lifestyle and relationship.

Best Oral Sex Position

Oral sex is a great source of pleasure for most men and women, but it can also be very awkward and disappointing. The problem is, nobody wants to tell their partner they’re doing it wrong. This is the first mistake. Everybody is different, so what may have been great with a previous partner, could just feel clumsy and uncomfortable with your current partner. This is why communication is so important to have the best oral sex of your life.

Before you can both know what you like, you first need to know what you don’t like, so time to experiment! Take it in turns to blindfold another and use indicators “hot” and “cold” to let each other know what you do and don’t like. Stimulate different areas using your tongue in different ways with different amounts of pressure; also let them guide you with their hands to show you what they want you to do.

Also, try out different positions to discover how you both work well together. We all know and love the 69, but it can get boring after a while. Experiment with variations of this popular position, move around the bed to experience new angles. With the woman’s head resting off the edge of the bed, her throat opened up for more depth and your position is nearer the top of her vagina for clitoral stimulation. Alternatively, if you are both lay on your side, you can each direct your partner easily to the areas you want them to reach.

It can be really fun to take it in turns to give and receive oral sex; this can become a cheeky game to race to the finish line. A gentleman always goes first, ask your partner to squat over your face, allowing her to control the movements using her hips. When it’s your turn, sit on the edge of the bed, with your knees slightly apart to allow her torso to sit between your knees as she kneels in front of you. You can control her movements by holding her hair, don’t be afraid to gently pull; though don’t force any actions, you should know her limits.

The most important part of giving and receiving oral sex is to make sure you both feel comfortable. Especially for women, orgasm can only be achieved when you feel completely comfortable.