Casual teen sex

Casual sex for teens, one-night stands, and friends with benefits basically means the same thing and the culture has become increasingly popular especially in teens in recent times. This is not surprising considering that everything seems to be disposable in this age. While conservative generations would probably frown upon the culture, a majority of teens and liberated adults enjoy the practice.

Casual sex allows people to get all the sex they desire without the responsibility and commitment that come with full-on affairs. This makes it a great option for persons that want to have a fling without the emotional burden or commitment associated with relationships.

Who is a casual sex partner?

For teenagers or any other age group, a casual buddy or partner is one that allows you to fulfil your sexual desires regularly without any emotional attachments of the normal boyfriend/girlfriend set up. Your casual sex partner is, therefore, a friend that is available solely for the purpose of sexual gratification.

What is Sexting and why is it on the rise (2020)

Since the locksdowns of 2020 sexting has been on the rise, particularly whatsapp snapchat and kik sexting as more and more people who couldnt meet decided sexting was the next best way to sort themselves out 🙂

Why you want a teen casual buddy

The decision to engage in casual sex or have a casual buddy as a teen is individualistic. Therefore, it is advised that you consider the benefits and demerits of this kind of setup before taking a decision. However, one feature of no-strings relationships is that it allows you to enjoy the fun of having a passionate encounter with an individual that you might not normally date. It is worth noting that entering into such an arrangement requires having a partner that you share nothing in common with besides the sexual chemistry.

What happens after the passion fizzles out?

As a teenager, it is expected that the first few encounters with your buddy will be passionate and exciting. However, the passion tends to dwindle as time goes on as your partner becomes boring to you. Therefore, it is advised that you set your limits right from the onset and be clear about what you can give to the relationship and what you want from it. Talk about your expectations with your partner or partners as the case may be.

When do you have to get out?

The primary aim of casual sex is to have fun. Therefore, it is advised that you get out of the relationship once you start feeling used or abused. You also want to find your way out of the relationship once your emotions start to get the better of you. This is particularly true if your partner does not share the same feelings.

Staying safe

A loving, monogamous relationship remains the best especially when it comes to the safety of the partners. However, if this type of relationship is boring to you, getting a casual local sex buddy might be the next available option. With such a relationship, emotions are thrown out of the window and your partner would probably have other buddies. Therefore, it is important to stay safe by protecting yourself not only from emotional pains but also from sexually transmittable diseases. Condoms remain one of the best types of protection from such diseases and you should always insist on using one.

Where to Find Casual sex

Traditional Dating sites are a good place to start, however there are better places which you can find local girls and boys which are designed just for casual sex relationships, try