It is general misconception to think that older people should not think about sex. Some people even think that older people need no intimate relationship forgetting that old people are still human and sexual beings and are also in need of some kind of sexual experience even as senior people.

In fact, many persons see an older man having sexual desires as having a dirty mind. This is another false assumption. Sex is only a natural part of our life and just as we need to eat even at old age, having sexual relationship is also needed even at old age.

Studies have actually shown that older people would like to have a normal sexual life regardless of their gender – male or female. In fact, having a normal sexual life makes older people feel a lot younger.

It should be noted that bodies change as we age. A man over 50 will certainly have a different performance both sexually and with other activities from a 20 year old. It is a known fact that our bodies change as we age. Our level of energy reduces as we get older and this also affects our sex life. Older people may only be able to have sex more than twice a week unlike when they were years younger and would have sex for up to four times a week.

Another point to be noted about older people and their sex life is that it takes longer time to get them fully aroused. This can be helped by having a longer and better foreplay unlike the younger people that will have a rush when they are having foreplay.

Having said all these, it is advised that older people spice up their relationship in bed with the use of sex toys. Sex toys are largely believed to be for the young folks but older people also enjoy it.

In addition to using sex toys, older people might also need to use lubricants. This is particularly true of older women that may not be able to lubricate themselves when having an intimate relationship. Using some lubricants will help at this end. It a natural phenomenon and no big deal should be made out of it. Women should however be sure of the quality and safety of the lubricants before using them.

Exploring different sex positions will certainly make the sex lives of older people more interesting and enjoyable. They should therefore not be scared of trying out different sex positions; after all, variety is the spice of life.

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