Why casual sex appeals to men

Often times, women seek serious and more committed relationship unlike the masculine folks. Most women are often left frustrated when they meet a guy they really love only to find out having a serious relationship is not on his to-do list. Some of the reasons men find casual sex appealing are discussed below.

Breakups can be very devastating and while some think it has a more telling effect on men, others believe otherwise. The fact however remains that it can pretty difficult going through a split and can actually turn two former lovers to great enemies. Men would rather avoid this feeling of hatred and enmity and go for the easier and safer option of casual sex. Even when there is a breakup in a casual sex relationship, there is an indifferent feeling and no party has to suffer the grunts and pains of having his or her heart broken. Most people will state the terms of the relationship early in the game to avoid any misunderstanding as the relationship grows in age.

Another reason men love casual is the fun that comes with it. Bed buddies or sex mates as they are sometimes called have all the fun and having a no-strings-attached relationship can be really fun especially if no hint of getting serious is left. A night at the club or a dinner outing that ends up with both parties lying naked on the bed the next morning sounds more fun and interesting.

Men also find having a casual sex relationship as a way of distancing themselves from intimacy. Avoiding such topics or subjects that could indicate serious relationships and define their lifestyle can mean trouble and any would-be player would rather avoid emotional strings.

Men would also rather go for casual sex as opposed to having a serious relationship if they have a phobia for commitment. Some men will prefer to sleep around with many hot women than having to go home to the same woman every night. The word commitment sounds like a taboo to such men and having casual sex is a far better option.

Not all men are the type that would have a relationship. For one reason or the other, some men are not just the relationship type. Some men find it difficult to have a long-term relationship and all attempts to have one have met brick walls. Keeping things simple and fun seem to be the better way out and casual sex offers just that. So why not opt for casual sex instead of the continuous try for a long-term relationship that will end up in nothing but failure and heartbreak.

There are reasons men enjoy casual sex but the reasons mentioned above are some of the most common reasons casual sex appeals to men.


Why casual sex appeals to women

There are a lot of reasons women engage in sexual sex as opposed to having a serious long-term relationship. From the fun to the discovery of new things about sex and yourself, women go into casual sex relationship for a lot of reasons. Sex does not have to always be about the emotions and sometimes, sex is just sex. Some of the reasons for casual sex as far as the female folks are concerned are mentioned below.

Fun is probably the primary reason and the most common reason women find casual sex appealing. Sex is fun and every second sent having sex should be fun and while some find having sex with someone they love to be great and fun, others do not have that luxury.

With casual sex, there is no need for commitment as there are no strings attached and one needs not dedicate her time to him for any other reason than sex. And this can sometimes be a good feeling.

Another reason casual sex appeal to women is the tons of lessons about sexuality they can learn even as they have fun. Casual sex allows the lady discover new things about herself and the other party. She gets to learn what she likes and what she doesn’t and also learns what the other person can do for her. This is a win-win situation and ladies can therefore know what to do behind closed doors when in a serious relationship.

Casual sex also appeals to women is that there no promises made and thus, none to be fulfilled or broken. This however requires both parties knowing the terms of the relationship from the very beginning. With the terms clearly stated and the lines completely clear, sex remains sex and the relationship stays casual with no person getting hurt.

Women can be very emotional and in a bid to avoid the emotional stress that comes with being in a serious relationship or even having heartbreak, they go for casual sex. This allows for the fulfilment of their sexual desires with absolutely no emotions involved.

Besides the sexuality lessons gotten from having a casual sex relationship, there is also the part that allows women learn more about their emotions. And whether this is true or not, women engage in casual sex for this reason.

These are just few of the many reasons casual sex appeal to women. Some school of thought even believes casual sex is healthy.



5 things to say to a girl which will guarantee you get laid

Getting laid can sometimes be a big deal especially if you are not looking to have a long-term relationship with her and all you want is some casual sex with no strings attached. Getting her to sleep with you should however not be a difficult and what most men actually lack is the right set of words to help you get her naked. A very important factor for your line to work is that your prospective partner should be predisposed to getting naked with you. With the following lines, you almost have a 100 percent chance of getting laid.

“You look so hot right now”Casual Sex Banner This seems to be a perfect line regardless of the situation or what she has on. Whether it is a ball gown or a bikini and in whatever situation you both find yourselves, these words have a way of making her desirable as opposed to the perception of just wanting her body. try to show some sincerity and you are sure to get laid.

“Can I see you again without having to yell?” This is most appropriate for a girl you meet in a loud environment like the club or bar. It is a better way of saying “let’s go somewhere quieter”. It sounds less pushy and a bit more mature. It also gives her a feeling you would like to see her again.

“You totally turn me on” Try to follow up this statement with an unexpected attribute. Try to like her eyes, hair, and even her curves. A woman loves to feel like woman and it does not matter her body type, she want her man to complement even if it is not totally true. Letting her know you find her lovely even makes her want you more.

“I am not in it for sex” This seems to be the perfect line as she is just about wrestling with the same question. You should however be aware of making promises you are most likely not to keep. Be wary of making long term commitments as regards the relationship as you have to deal with it after those few magical minutes of sex.

“I want it to be a special moment…can we wait?” Call it reverse psychology if you like but such statements will almost likely make her jump into your arms or even into the bed quicker than you think. Be sure not to push it if she eventually agrees as this can make you look like a liar. Getting in those pants isn’t a difficult task if the right techniques are used and with the right statements, you are on your to nailing that girl.