Where to find casual sex

There is a common misconception that one needs to put a huge effort into meeting and romancing women. While this might be true for some ladies, there are several other women that just want casual sex and want to have a nice time. This development might be due to the increased sexualization of western society as women are becoming more assertive about expressing their sexuality of just liking, wanting and going for sex without being emotionally attached to the other party. Read More

The Best Casual Sex APPs

The internet has become a great place to find casual sex. This is so as there are different hookup and casual sex sites that allow users to meet like-minded people and have some fun time together. However, with the plethora of such sites online, it can be a bit difficult to identify to the most suitable site or app.Some of the tested and trusted casual sex apps that have stood out from others are briefly highlighted as follows. Read More

Casual Sex is Enjoyable

It is a chilly morning, I am seated at the edge of my bed and a man is lying beside me. I feel chewed up and spit out having had one too many last night – as the phone is ringing annoyingly on the couch. I took my trench coat off the bedside chair and put it on, knowing that after half an hour this man that was lying asleep next to where I just was will go and probably we may never meet each other again. You might be surprised about it but am fine with it! The same panorama of events unfolds each and every weekend. I go hike with my friends during the day, find someone to go out with to a dance club with, survey the dance floor for a hottie in the club and later leave with him and take him back to my pad. Read More

When to End a Casual Sex Relationship

casual sexAs a woman, there must have been a time you wanted to take an extra step with a platonic friend. This must have been a good idea at first if you have ever thought of it. Yes, he is a nice guy and both of you get along well. You hang out for hours without end and you both cannot seem to have enough of each other despite being single. With these factors, there is the urge to go ahead to have a no strings attached sexual relationship.

There is always that one companion or a sex partner that does not require any romantic or emotional attachment. While casual relationships are usually fun at the beginning, it does not take long for reality to set in and you start developing a stronger feeling for him. You begin to think about him when you are not with him. It becomes more evident as each time you fool around with him, it become more obvious that you are beginning to fall in love with him. If you are in this situation, it is advised that you end the relationship unless both parties are interested in going all the way.

A casual sexual relationship tends to start out fantastic especially if it is with a good friend. Everything looks great as it seems to be the perfect solution. Such a relationship allows you to keep a supportive yet functional platonic relationship while having a little spice to it. Unfortunately, when reality sets in and the woman starts to tie romantic feelings in with sex whether consciously or unconsciously, parties in the relationship need to have a rethink.

While women easily tie romantic feelings in with sex, men tend to know how to handle hit-and-run sexual encounters. It is relatively easy for men to have some fun on the way without having any feelings for the other party. Regardless of how casual sex is, it is an intimate act. Therefore, women need to be very careful before entering such relationships. It is worth noting that the longer such relationships last, the higher the risk of emotional attachments and subsequent heartbreak.

Once you sense that your emotions are getting in the way of being platonic friends, it is advised that you end the relationship. While you might feel that he is nursing the same feelings, it is advised that you protect yourself by getting out of the relationship. Note that he will come for you if he is really into you.

The simple thing to do is to say “no.” Do not answer his calls or reply his messages. Say no to suggested outings or anything close to a date. Avoid the possibility of a “booty call” and you can be sure that he will get the signal that you want to be without him.

The expectation of both parties from the relationship is to have fun and with both parties realizing this, it is important to keep the relationship as casual as possible to avoid getting emotionally entangled.

Casual Sex – Just How Casual Can You Be?

Casual Sex

Depending on the kind of person you are, casual relationships can be as fun and exciting as possible. This is particularly true as some women see it as the best possible idea. The fact that actors in such a relationship do not have to deal with heartaches or the stress associated with dating, make the relationship even more attractive. With casual relationships, both parties can be sexually fulfilled while going about their daily activities as if nothing is happening.

While the idea of casual sex seems fun and cool on paper, there are several obstacles to such relationships that can sometimes make it bit a more difficult than it seems. Casual relationships can be sometimes very beneficial to parties involved. However, it is worth noting that most casual relationships do not usually last long. If you are looking to have a casual sex relationship and want a better chance of maintaining a successful one, below are some precautions you should consider.

The first thing that you should keep in mind is that even as neither one of you has a romantic obligation to the other; it is still required to treat each other with respect – like a person. It is absolutely wrong to “use” anyone for sex, regardless of what they feel about it. Casual sex relationships tend to last longer and work better for parties when they are built on a structure of friendship, regardless of the extent of friendship. It is important to remember that your partner will not only be in your life but will also be in YOU. Therefore, you might want to know a few things about your partner.

Another important point to note with casual relationships is to be prepared to end the relationship abruptly. This is particularly true if you come across someone that you want to be romantically involved with. You should also be prepared for an abrupt break up if your partner finds someone he or she want to have a romantic relationship with. You should be ready to deal with feelings of rejection if you are to be in a casual relationship.

Unlike Romantic Relationships

Unlike romantic relationships, the possibility of a casual relationship becoming a permanent one is extremely slim. Remember that you are casually involved and one party will eventually terminate the relationship. Casual relationships are the only type of relationship where both parties know that it will end. Therefore, only go into such relationships if you are ready for such.

The last factor that you should consider is the issue of separating sex from romantic love. This is probably the most difficult part of the relationship especially for women. This is so as women tend to be unable to separate sex from relationship due to some chemical reactions in the brain that take place during sex.

The factors mentioned above are the very important things to have at the back of your mind before venturing into a casual sex relationship. Weigh your options before getting into it and only continue if you can deal with the consequences.

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Monogamy not your thing? Here’s why you should consider an open relationship

Open relationship can mean different thing depending on the individual providing the answer and his or her perspective on some issues. The very important issue regardless of one’s definition of casual is to always ensure to engage in safe sexual encounters as you do not want to put that person you really love in any danger due to your sexual escapades even as you try to keep yourself safe from any of the many sexually related health threats.

Not everybody can actual cope with having a monogamous lifestyle and the thought of being with just one person throughout the remainder of their lives can be really frustrating. And if the common saying that men are naturally polygamous is to be followed, having an open relationship might just be the solution you have been looking for.

If you fall into this category of people, here some reasons you should consider having an open relationship instead of continuously suffering in silence or worse still, having to deal with the guilt that comes with cheating on your partner.

One of the reasons you should consider an open relationship is the freedom that comes with it. With an open relationship you do not just get the freedom to have sexual encounters with other parties, it also gives some spark to your relationship and you get to be a better partner and even appreciate your best half the more. Having intimate relationships outside the official, whether or not there emotions are attached, makes you a better partner to the one you are committed to.

Another reason you want to consider an open relationship as against being monogamous is the fact that you are free of the guilt attached to cheating your partner. Because both parties are in agreement to get sexually intimate with outsiders, there are really no cheaters in the relationship.

While some people are in total disagreement with the concept of an open relationship and the said benefits justifying it, parties involved have continued to advocate and support this lifestyle and in fact go on state their happiness with having to be in an open relationship.

It should however be pointed out that open relationships might not be perfect for every couple and even for those that find the idea inviting and tempting, there are some rules and guideline to be followed to ensure the relationship is fun and fulfilling.

Is it really possible to keep emotions at bay in threesome casual sex?

It is a casual sex relationship with both parties definitely being adventurous and fun lovers. So why not throw in some more fun into the relationship and have a threesome. From fantasies to having dreamt about it, many people have actually thought about the idea of breaking the sexual encounter norm and having more than just two people being actors in the scene.

Threesome, foursome, or even moresome requires some real emotional test especially if it is to be done with you are in a committed relationship. The case is however different in casual sex relationships especially if the parties involved are the adventurous type. In a threesome, there is always a unicorn which is the third-party who is usually unattached. In this case, this might be a bisexual woman you and your casual sex partner have agreed to include in the act to spice up the whole process.

While many men will consider the act of threesome as fun and would ordinarily not have emotions running, women are bound to have some feeling of either envy or jealousy and this can be largely attributed to how they were created. If very well organised with all due considerations made and all factors put into proper perspective, the players in a threesome casual sex act can be guaranteed of having fun even as not too much emotions come into play.

Women have a big role to play in keeping emotions at bay in a threesome whether it is casual or not. This is because of what having a threesome entails. It not just sharing a man with another lady, it actually goes as far as the man coming to orgasm because of another woman right in your presence. You really need to be a big girl to handle that.

To ensure you have an enjoyable threesome casual sex in a local sex threesome , there are some guidelines to follow. The first of them is to avoid the consumption of alcohol or any other intoxicant before or during the act.

It is also essential to be a cheerful giver and expect less during a threesome. To avoid emotions coming to play, you need to expect less from the other parties in the act and be sure to give all you can to satisfy them.

Emotions do not work well with threesome either it is one with committed partners or just friends with benefits. Let your hands do the work and keep your mind off it. Remember to use different condoms for each woman when you decide to penetrate and also useful different hands for them to avoid the transmission of STDs.


Sex in the car , is it legal?

This is fast becoming a common practice with people increasingly engaging in sexual acts in their cars. At least, people get sexual in their vehicles four times before they leave planet earth. While some people think of this idea as sexy especially the daring and adventurous ones, others see it as sordid. Regardless of people’s perception about sex in the car, it is worth knowing what the law says about the act.

So is having in the car legal? The answer is YES. Do not get all happy and sexy at the back of that car yet as there are some facts you should be aware of. In some cases, deriving sexual pleasure by getting down in your car can lead to prosecution and in some instances, imprisonment.

The Sexual Offences Act 2003 does not really go against having sex in the car. However, a point should be known. Both parties in the act should be above the age of consent, and you did not pick up anyone while kerb crawling. If both conditions have been satisfied and your location is reasonably private, then you can bone till your heart bones no more.

You do not want to be having sex at the back set of your car in the car park of a supermarket that is illuminated with floodlights as you could be flouting the public decency act, a common law offence i Wales and England. Having said this, for an act to be classified as being offensive under this act, it must have been s lewd to have outraged public decency. The act must have also been done in a place where at least two people could have seen you in the act even if they did not actually witness it, and of course, it must have been reported by someone.

This means, sex in the car can only be accepted if it could not have offended anyone and the people around could not have seen you getting down.

The careless folks that are not particular about the location and time of having sex in the car should be wary as the Halsbury’s Laws of England states that outraging public decency is a punishable act and if found guilty, it attract an unlimited imprisonment or/and an unlimited fine.

The actual fun comes from having sex in the car without having to be bothered by the law. You therefore need to have your thinking caps on ad be wise about it.


Is revenge or rebound sex common for college students following a break up?

The thought of getting in bed with a friend or even a stranger in a bit to drown the sorrow following a break up has been seen in movies and television shows and some people would rather consider this a myth and not a reality.

More than just a myth or an act on the TV screens, the idea of revenge or rebound sex is actually a reality and has been discovered to be a common way for people to get themselves together after a break up. It is left to find out whether or not this method is effective and if so, how effective it is.

A study to find out how common this phenomenon with college students being a focal point was conducted by the University of Missouri’s psychologist Lynne Cooper and master’s student Lindsay Barber, where 170 college students were assessed. These students have previously had a share of broken hearts after ending their respective romantic relationship within the last eight months.

Participants had to give reports on how they felt about their former partners and how they felt emotionally and their sexual exploits after the break up.

The study revealed that people actually do sex to get back at their ex after the break up. This is according to the Cooper, stated in the TIME.

The report also discovered that dumped partners were susceptible to being stressed out with a majority of them prone to have sex in order to cope with the situation and also in a bid to get back at their previous partner.

In actual fact, it was reported that having sex after a break up to get over a partner was more common that as a way to get back at him or her with both genders guilty of this.

Revenge or rebound sex seems to be more common among those with personalities that are hostile and would often feel angered. People with low self esteem and pessimism have also been reported to be susceptible to revenge or rebound sex.

Having to cope with a break up after a long-lasting relationship almost always meant the recovery time will last long and thus, there is a great possibility of having a huge number of casual sex encounters.

Rebound or revenge sex has not been particularly found to be effective in healing a broken heart. The short-term emotional healing effect can however not be overlooked.