One Skill You Need to Have In Bed

The female orgasm is often thought to be a myth, a story of legend or a fantastic fictitious invention designed to tease and deceive us. The female orgasm is not a myth; you just need to know where to find it. First things first, there is no secret formula to produce results every time or which can be applied to every woman; though there are a number of ways you can help her achieve her peak.


You need to make sure your partner is completely comfortable; it’s essential for a woman to feel relaxed before she can fully be “in the moment”. Set the mood in your bedroom, and let her set the pace during foreplay. Rushing straight into having sex before she’s properly “warmed up” is a sure fire way to leave her disappointed.


Secondly, you need to know where and how to stimulate your partner to guide her along. Most women can achieve orgasm most easily through a combination of clitoral stimulation and vaginal penetration. There are eight thousand nerve endings in the clitoris, twice as many as can be found in your own intimate area, so this is an area not to be ignored. During foreplay, the clitoris can receive even more intense contact by gently lifting the clitoral hood, for extremely concentrated pleasure.


It is important to remember to be gentle with your partner, start slowly and softly and let her set the pace. Especially when in direct contact with the clitoris, don’t be too heavy handed when stroking, fondling and caressing her intimate area, or you’ll completely destroy the mood and you can even cause your partner slight pain or irritation. If your partner is ready for you to speed things up, let her take the lead and show you how she likes it. Every woman likes to feel in control, and if she can increase the pace and slow things down in her own time, she’s sure to find her spot quicker than you’d think.


It’s also important to know that your partner isn’t only aroused by contact with her vagina. There are erogenous zones all over the female body, including behind her ears, her thighs and knees and her collarbones and neck. Ask your partner where she likes to be kissed and stroked and target these areas during intercourse to be sure to help her on her way.