Best Oral Sex Position

Oral sex is a great source of pleasure for most men and women, but it can also be very awkward and disappointing. The problem is, nobody wants to tell their partner they’re doing it wrong. This is the first mistake. Everybody is different, so what may have been great with a previous partner, could just feel clumsy and uncomfortable with your current partner. This is why communication is so important to have the best oral sex of your life.

Before you can both know what you like, you first need to know what you don’t like, so time to experiment! Take it in turns to blindfold another and use indicators “hot” and “cold” to let each other know what you do and don’t like. Stimulate different areas using your tongue in different ways with different amounts of pressure; also let them guide you with their hands to show you what they want you to do.

Also, try out different positions to discover how you both work well together. We all know and love the 69, but it can get boring after a while. Experiment with variations of this popular position, move around the bed to experience new angles. With the woman’s head resting off the edge of the bed, her throat opened up for more depth and your position is nearer the top of her vagina for clitoral stimulation. Alternatively, if you are both lay on your side, you can each direct your partner easily to the areas you want them to reach.

It can be really fun to take it in turns to give and receive oral sex; this can become a cheeky game to race to the finish line. A gentleman always goes first, ask your partner to squat over your face, allowing her to control the movements using her hips. When it’s your turn, sit on the edge of the bed, with your knees slightly apart to allow her torso to sit between your knees as she kneels in front of you. You can control her movements by holding her hair, don’t be afraid to gently pull; though don’t force any actions, you should know her limits.

The most important part of giving and receiving oral sex is to make sure you both feel comfortable. Especially for women, orgasm can only be achieved when you feel completely comfortable.