Crazy Sex Positions She Is Going To Love You For Trying

Everybody has their favourite positions in the bedroom, but nobody likes to feel like their sex life has become a routine. Trying new positions can be great fun for you and your partner and can also bring new life to your relationship between the sheets.

The best place to start when trying something new is to put a new twist on the positions you know and love. There are many “girl on top” variations that are easy to try and you don’t have to be the strongest or most flexible couple for them to feel great. First of all, why not try approaching from another direction? When the female is positioned on top, the penis is given the best access to the frontal wall of the vagina, which feels great for her, and you in return. To intensify this feel for you both, enter from another angle. Ask your partner to lie horizontally across you, and you can enter while she moves in towards you simultaneously. This allows you to both find the exact spot that feels the best for you, and a really deep penetration. This can also be replicated with your partner facing away from you.

Doggy style is also a favourite position with many couples, though it doesn’t allow the female much control of depth and speed. Enter your partner from behind while lay on your side, spooning. This is a much more intimate situation for you both, and gives the woman a better ability to guide you to what feels good for her. For a deeper penetration, bend your “top” leg at the knee and ask her to do the same, this opens the vaginal muscles and also lowers your position in relation to your partner, giving much easier and intense access.

Another way to find your own great positions is to have sex in different places. It wouldn’t be possible to get stuck in a routine missionary position if you’re having sex in the shower, in your favourite armchair or on the kitchen worktop. The best way to please your partner is to surprise her. However, it is important to remember that everybody has a different level of flexibility and strength. Don’t do anything that feels uncomfortable, communicate with one another about what feels good, and don’t overexert yourself as a pulled muscle probably won’t help to get you or your partner in the mood.