How to make sure your ok with casual sex – the one-night stand checklist

Casual sex or one-night stands can be very fulfilling especially for persons that are unattached and just need a partner for the night. Casual sex comes with no commitments or emotional attachments and most men and even women find it pleasing and easy. One-night stands and casual sex are not however for everybody and if the rules of the game are not well followed, it can actually end up to be a night you wish never came to past.

It is always good to carefully consider a checklist before proceeding to engage in a casual sex relationship or a one-night stand. This ensures you do not wake up the next morning feeling all irritated and annoyed about the night before. The more checks had, the better the chances of having a fulfilling one-night stand experience.

The checklist has to do with your ability to handle casual sex. This is hugely dependent on your comfort with the act, your partner, and the reason for the attraction at a particular time in your life. The following questions should be included in the checklist.

  • Do you want a sexual relationship with little or no emotional responsibility and intimacy?
  • Are you ready to have a sexual intercourse that might not be as emotional or physical as what you get with a committed partner?
  • How emotionally detached are you from others?
  • What is your take on having sex with an almost total stranger?
  • Are you ready to handle the stigmatization from members of the society due to the fact that you are a casual sexer?
  • Can you assure your emotional stability and detachment from your casual sex partner even after being intimate?
  • Are you sure you would not want more after the encounter?
  • Are you ready to face the health risks and challenges that come with having a non-monogamous sexual relationship?

It is true that some of the questions on the checklist are harsh; it is however important to honestly answer these questions and check appropriately to ensure the one-night stand is a memorable and fulfilling one.

This checklist serves as a guide to ensure the erotic engagement remains erotic.

It is also essential to follow the etiquettes of casual sex in order to avoid some of the troubles that would have rather surfaced if not considered.

The other party should be respected and communication should be effective to ensure every party involved is aware of the situation ans the expectations so no one is left grieving.