Are swingers just a myth?

While some people readily accept the fact that swingers really exists, others find it difficult to come to terms that these people are around us. Before going into the details of whether or not the idea of swinging is a myth or reality, it is worth to first define what swinging is all about just for those that are strange to the word.

Swinging simply refers to the act of sharing your partner and yourself with other couples with all parties consenting to the act ad fully aware of what is involved. The actors of the scene are called swingers.

Having had an idea of what swingers and swinging is, it is almost certain that you fall into the category of people that think this idea is unreal. Well, read till the end before jumping into conclusion.

A common misconception or myth about swinging is that it only involves wife swapping and the husbands do not actually take part in the sexual activities exchange. The fact however is that swinging has to do with the full involvement of both partners and no party is left out.

Another misconception about swinging is that only older couples that are bordering on being perverted engage in the act. Swinging is composed of couples from all ages. In actual fact, one of the requirements for couples to join the group of swingers is to be happily married as swinging should not be an escape route to get away from an unhappy relationship.

There are different kind of swinging lifestyles with couples going for the lifestyle or activity that best fits their personality depending on their situation and preference. We have soft swinging, open swinging, and closed swinging with each having distinct features and rules guiding participant couples.

The phenomenon of swinging or being swingers is actually real with no doubt but the question remains, why choose to be a swinger. There are various reasons given for being a swinger depending on the couple answering the question.

Some couples say it is an opportunity to explore their sexual fantasies without the guilt of cheating the other party or being cheated upon.

Swinging couples however have to cope with the jealousy that is usually experienced especially at the beginning of the lifestyle and while some couples fall due to this, others scale through and even attribute their sexual charge to being jealous.

Swingers are not myth and in fact that are not just real, they are common but private.