Casual sex – why do we feel so guilty about hooking up?

Sex is everywhere and everybody does it regardless of the age, gender or any other such factors. From images and sights projected on the internet, to what is shown on the screens of our television sets, sex is everywhere we turn to even in our thoughts. So why the feeling of guilt when we hook up?

Even as the number of people engaged in sex continues to increase daily, the mention of the word or the topic “hooking up” brings mixed reactions. Many people view the topic has been dirty forgetting that our natural desires did not result from errors.

Studies have shown that women feel most ashamed about the topic and the stigmatization that comes from expressing their sexuality can be attributed to this. And while the masculine folks might be a bit fortunate in this regard, a promiscuous man is usually labelled a predator.

Many women will not agree with just having sex for the fun of it and would like to attach some reasons no matter how flimsy they might sound. For the men, having sex almost comes naturally whether or not there is an attachment or pretext. This leads to a double standard that seems to favour the men against the feminine folks.

Despite the much talk about sexuality, some people still find it easy to make it happen. This does not have to do with the acceptable societal sexual relationships like being married or in a committed relationship.

The case is however different in casual sex as people perceive sex in this kind of relationship differently. This might be coming from history or religion. Religious goes a long was to influence our perception of sex and some communities still punish people for engaging in sexual acts outside the marriage confines.

The stigmatization concerning casual hook ups continues in most societies with no particular explanation for this. This point to the fact that our thoughts and reasoning have been influenced by the society we find ourselves.

The adventurous soul finds this taboo even a more reason to engage in casual sex as it is seen as a break from the norm even if it is just for some minutes.

So yes, casual sex has come to stay no matter how guilty it feels to hook up with that stranger. Some tips to kill the guilt surrounding the subject matter includes exploring your beliefs to find explanations to why the guilt comes in, working through your negative feelings, and of course, explore.