How to make a woman have multiple orgasms

You are in bed with your woman and often wonder how to make her orgasm. You do not need to feel weird if you feel you do not make her orgasm as much as she should. While some men are able to make their women orgasm three to four times, others struggle to make their partner orgasm at all. Makin your woman orgasm multiple times is not such a big deal if the right spots and the right actions are done.

You need to make you woman go crazy in bed or you stand the risk of losing her to another man. Love is great and so is sex, but a mix of the two gives perfect satisfaction and happiness. Some of the ways to make your woman have multiple orgasms are discussed below. There is the physical and mental aspect to it and if diligently followed, you are sure to have you woman wanting more of you in bed.

While orgasm has to do with the physical stimulation of some vital spots in the body, some mental work can also help in giving a woman strong orgasms. Having your woman involved emotionally does not just give orgasms, it gives strong orgasms. This can be achieved by getting a little frustrated and this does not involve going to the extreme of making her very angry. A little aggressiveness will do. Have you wondered why angry sex is always great? Well, you got your answer.

The physical stimulation to give the woman multiple orgasms has to do with the vagina and the clitoris. The G-spot is the point of attention here as stimulating this area is the key to orgasm.

The magical spot is located some 2 inches on the upper wall of the vagina and just below the clitoris. It can be stimulated with your fingers, the penis, or sex toys.

When you use your fingers, the finger is inserted and the spot located after which a slow and steady sturdy massage is given to the area with attention to what pleases your partner the most. The finger approach is a very good way of giving multiple orgasms to your woman.

You can also use your penis to stimulate the G-spot in a bid to giving multiple orgasms as stated earlier. This is best achieved through sexual intercourse. It helps to be adventurous and try out different sex position to determine the one that pleases her most and continue doing it. The doggie style has been found to easily give a woman multiple orgasms as the penis contacts the G-spot every time.

You can also try out oral sex by licking the vagina. This best combined with the use of the finger of you want her to reach her climax fast and frequently.