Is revenge or rebound sex common for college students following a break up?

The thought of getting in bed with a friend or even a stranger in a bit to drown the sorrow following a break up has been seen in movies and television shows and some people would rather consider this a myth and not a reality.

More than just a myth or an act on the TV screens, the idea of revenge or rebound sex is actually a reality and has been discovered to be a common way for people to get themselves together after a break up. It is left to find out whether or not this method is effective and if so, how effective it is.

A study to find out how common this phenomenon with college students being a focal point was conducted by the University of Missouri’s psychologist Lynne Cooper and master’s student Lindsay Barber, where 170 college students were assessed. These students have previously had a share of broken hearts after ending their respective romantic relationship within the last eight months.

Participants had to give reports on how they felt about their former partners and how they felt emotionally and their sexual exploits after the break up.

The study revealed that people actually do sex to get back at their ex after the break up. This is according to the Cooper, stated in the TIME.

The report also discovered that dumped partners were susceptible to being stressed out with a majority of them prone to have sex in order to cope with the situation and also in a bid to get back at their previous partner.

In actual fact, it was reported that having sex after a break up to get over a partner was more common that as a way to get back at him or her with both genders guilty of this.

Revenge or rebound sex seems to be more common among those with personalities that are hostile and would often feel angered. People with low self esteem and pessimism have also been reported to be susceptible to revenge or rebound sex.

Having to cope with a break up after a long-lasting relationship almost always meant the recovery time will last long and thus, there is a great possibility of having a huge number of casual sex encounters.

Rebound or revenge sex has not been particularly found to be effective in healing a broken heart. The short-term emotional healing effect can however not be overlooked.