Casual Sex is Enjoyable

It is a chilly morning, I am seated at the edge of my bed and a man is lying beside me. I feel chewed up and spit out having had one too many last night – as the phone is ringing annoyingly on the couch. I took my trench coat off the bedside chair and put it on, knowing that after half an hour this man that was lying asleep next to where I just was will go and probably we may never meet each other again. You might be surprised about it but am fine with it! The same panorama of events unfolds each and every weekend. I go hike with my friends during the day, find someone to go out with to a dance club with, survey the dance floor for a hottie in the club and later leave with him and take him back to my pad.

After breaking up with my boyfriend last year, I have never yearned for anything other than casual sex and am not planning to drag myself into a relationship anytime soon. As a successful lady in my mid twenties, I don’t want to date anyone, all I want right now is just sexual satisfaction – without ties. I have come to realize love is an illusion and probably it doesn’t even exist. Everytime I have allowed myself to be loved or love in a relationship it has ended in tears. Therefore I now explore the benefits of casual sex, and in my 2-year experience I have observed the following –

This is a dawn of a new era where sex hookups has been revolutionized and it is more of a contract than a covenant. We as women we want no strings attached sexual encounters without any commitments. We are tired of fighting over texts and ”why are you not picking up my call” allegations. We are sick of this, we just want to get intimate with guys and let them go like they never existed like they have to us for years.

Casual sex knows no commitment for anybody that is the rule of the game. When I am in control of my sex life I feel energetic and empowered. I have sex with guys of my choice, not by a single lover bonded by a mere relationship thing. It is disgusting to always see the same guy lying next to you every day when the lust is gone and the love turns to resentments. I call relationships small prisons, casual sex gives you the opportunity to take control of your life because at the end of the day you are not answerable to anybody and get and do as you want. Not what the other person expects.

I have found that being in a relationship with a man will make you inhibit your feelings and when they are tired of you, they will hurt and dump you. Make your choices well don’t be a victim of circumstance, all you need is just to do it my way to experience a freedom you probably never thought possible.

Time is a factor in life that waits for no man or woman. Have you ever reviewed what are your time-wasting activities in your life?. I think you should and if you are in a damn relationship you will realize it is what has been holding you back all that time in your studies, business, enjoying life and even your daily job. Having rumbling conversations, jealousy, demands, angst far outweigh the time you went for a midnight swim, hiking or just having fun with your boyfriend. Intimacy goes from being passionate and caring to a necessity and I have never been able to accept a wham bam approach with my lovemaking. It is the wrong approach of getting what you want.

Casual sex has eliminated the mentality of impressing him before you have sex. You just got to hit that nail on the head and when you are okay with it, just get back to what really matters the most. Through casual sex you will have saved time for yourself and you will have time for your friends who I think need and care for you the most.


We all live in a liberal world where freedom of choice is a basic human right. Surprisingly, most folks are persevering in abusive and exploitative relationships. Just the other day, one of my friends confessed to me that his boyfriend usually demands to have anal sex each and every time even though she does not enjoy it. Unless she is going to give him anal he will not even have regular sex with her and so she is becoming frustrated sexually and whilst in a relationship is basically having sex by herself with sex toys. Who among you has never heard of people being killed in the name of love?.

It is high time for women to embrace the freedom that casual sex provides in exchange for your conjugal rights. You choose where and who to have sex with and how. The freedom is all dependent on your choices. Most people out there are suffering because maybe they had never come across such a post or have not really thought about what it means to be in a relationship. Take a page from my book and claim your sexual freedom without ties. We all have basic needs that a casual sex life will provide.


There has been a rise in the use of smartphones globally that has led to the development of many online singles businesses adapting to dating apps and mobile friendly sites. Ffinding casual sex online has been made as easy as swiping left or right like Tinder which was launched in 2012. The flexibility and reliability are appreciated by people aged between 18-35 years of age.

Personally being a gal from the UK when I am not clubbing and need some sexual relief I love visiting casual sex finder . I find the fact that you can get hooked up with someone for a short-term relationship or a casual sex partner with the simple click of a mouse amazing and thank technology for these advances. This efficiency has made it easy to find a partner which particularly of a weeknight when I have to go to work in the morning difficult to achieve. With these services I have witnessed friends traveling to different parts of the world meeting casual sex partners easily. You don’t have to struggle to get what you want all you need is to be willing to enjoy such benefits which have been supplemented with technology,


A case study was done in one of the prominent universities in the USA to find out which sex offered between a normal relationship and casual sex is enjoyable. The results were shocking in the sense that, almost 70% said that casual sex is indeed enjoyable since you experience it from different people with different levels of aggression.

It is common knowledge that for the purpose of the first impression, anybody will try to deliver his/her best in bed. Unlike the case in relationships whereby since you are together nobody bothers to learn something new to spice up their sex life. Most casual sex involves satisfaction more than a mutual benefit since you don’t know when you will get that chance again. Therefore, people try to make it as enjoyable as possible leading to the most exciting orgasms.

Research shows that orgasims play a role in boosting hormones level like testosterone and estrogen which thereafter improves your hair and the skin texture. Don’t wait time for your lover who might be available once in a blue moon yet you can have multiple orgasms experiences which will finally contribute to your general appearance.

Finally, casual sex plays a role in relieving stress since it has a positive impact on the physiological state of a person. A carefree sex will boost your self-esteem and confidence which will alleviate you from anxieties of breakups and negligence. Make a smart choice today no matter the cost and enjoy these benefits