Where to find casual sex

There is a common misconception that one needs to put a huge effort into meeting and romancing women. While this might be true for some ladies, there are several other women that just want casual sex and want to have a nice time. This development might be due to the increased sexualization of western society as women are becoming more assertive about expressing their sexuality of just liking, wanting and going for sex without being emotionally attached to the other party.

With the increasing popularity and acceptance of casual sex comes the problem of where to find casual sex. One of the top spots to find such persons is somewhere that alcohol is sold and consumed. This is particularly true as women tend to be more open about their sexual desires once they become socially lubricated by a couple of shots. However, there are several other venues to find people that are interested in casual sex and below are some of the best possible locations.


Football Games

This is a particularly great location to pick up women that are interested in casual sex as female football lovers, especially those that love doing this while drinking some alcohol are excellent candidates for picking up, taking home, and having a fling with.

A Day at the Races

This is quite similar to women that love to watch men run around in shorts as women that like to combine drinking, sports, and gambling are perfect candidates for casual sex. You might also want to go in the company of some male friends as your guys might get lucky with you.

Car Racing

For some reasons, sports and casual sex seem to be synonymous and women into, in general, have been identified to be keen in indulging in the guilt-free sexual fun with guys. This could be due to the noise, power, or the high-octane energy of a motor racing event that makes women hot and eager to “get down.”

The Gym

Wow, well if you have been to the gym recently its full of hot and sweaty men and women, and is an ideal place to welcome those glances from the running machines, turning hopefully into a meet in the steam room where things can get more hot and sweaty.

The Internet

The internet remains one of the safest and best places for finding casual local sex. This is so as it saves the parties involved a lot of time, energy and money as they only have to join any of the different reliable online dating sites for casual sex. Thanks to the plethora of sites available on the internet, women, and men do not have to go in search of casual sex partners at the bar, car racing events or even horse racing track.

Online dating sites do not only save users the time and money involved in getting a partner but also offers some safety and privacy as the information provided on such sites are not disclosed to the public. These sites also save users time as the members are of like minds and are only there to satisfy their sexual desire without getting emotionally attached.

Casual sex can be fun as it allows people to enjoy sex without the burden that comes with relationships and the spots mentioned above are some of the best places to find casual sex.