Why some girls love Dogging

Dogging is a sexual act that can trace to the British and the act involve having sexual intercourse or related activities in public places or watching others have sex in such places. Dogging sometimes involves more than two participants and in some cases, group banging and gang banging is included. Some other activities associated with dogging include exhibitionism and voyeurism.

Participants often arrange to meet beforehand most times on the internet. Participants can also meet randomly in such areas and decide to go down with each other not minding what the public thinks.

The dogging craze has become a widely accepted practice with studies revealing that several other countries now have people engaging in dogging. Some of these countries are United States, Australia, and Denmark. Just like a virus, dogging is not only spreading fast across the world, more people are beginning to engage in the act with each participant having his or her respective reasons for dogging.

Different people engage in dogging for different reasons and in some cases, these reasons differ based on gender and age. While men would want to be adventurous and have some fun even while having sex, women tend to come up with other reasons to justify their love for dogging. Some of the reasons women love dogging is described below.

In some places especially in the UK, dogging is a national hobby and this explains why some women love dogging. Just like any other hobby, there sometimes are no reasons for loving the act. You just fall in love with it as it makes you happy and you tend to be more of yourself during the act and even more satisfied and happier after it. The case of dogging is not any different and some women cannot really state why they love dogging except that it is a hobby.

Some other women attribute the fun ad naughty nature of dogging to be the reasons for loving the act. Dogging is risky, naughty and can be fun and most adventurous women would cherish every opportunity to have sex with a stranger. Some couples even dog together as they enjoy the thrills it adds to their sex lives.

Dogging can be pretty cheap and spontaneous and why would anyone irrespective of the gender want to pass on a chance to have free fun sex. The best things in life come free, and sex should not be an exception.

There are several testimonies by women relating the fun experience and satisfaction that comes from dogging and with such revelations, the number of women that dog can only increase.


The Dogging Trend

Dogging is a sex tend that has its origin from the United Kingdom and has gained popularity in several countries around the world with nations liken Canada, the US, Germany, France and New Zealand joining the queue. It is essentially having sex in a car parked in a public place with other people joining in or just watching. It comes in handy for folks wanting a one-night tryst that should not go beyond the public park.

The name originates from Peeping Toms that would follow or dog couples hoping to catch them in the act. It was done in tube stations late in the night and just recently, the parking lots and parks have been having their own share of dogging.

It sounds a bit fun if you are the adventurous type. For the interested ones, here are some information on where to find the scene and some tips on how it is done.


Finding doggers is pretty thanks to technology. The internet is the first point of call for doggers and remains one of the best places to get doggers. Internet forums and newsgroups provide a platform for doggers to find each other. It is quicker and easier as some forums go as far as posting times and places of these events. Websites for doggers in the UK list the most popular secluded locations like parking lots and public parks.

The Bluetooth technology also avails doggers the opportunity to find each other. With the Bluetooth technology, phones in the vicinity can be found while in a night club or public transport and a general proposition sent to these phones just to check if there is any interested party.

Now that doggers have found each other, there is the need to know how the act is done.

One way is to invite voyeurs to approach the car to allow them get a full view of happenings. Parking the cart in a somewhat visible spot and flashing the headlights or leaving the interior car light on signals everyone that doggers are about to have something go down.

Be sure to give onlookers a good view by rolling down the windows to allow them get a very good view of the action. After all, that is what dogging is all about.

If you are generous enough and you would not mind sharing the action, opening the door to invite other would not be such a bad idea. Fling the doors open and let one of them come in or better still, get out if the vehicle. And if you are looking for dogging locations then there are a few site like Dogging Finder who can help

Dogging has been around for decades with some studies showing it emerged in the mid twentieth century. It has however been made more fashionable and fun with the youths everywhere introducing some dynamism to the act or “art”.

You would be surprised at how many people actually go dogging around the work, dogging in the usa is very popular too.

The art of dogging is a special one, so If you are interested in meeting people who like dogging, hook up using Dogging Finder