How to play it cool when you run into your Gay casual sex buddy

It is not an uncommon occurrence to run into someone that looks familiar but unfortunately, in as much as the face rings a bell in your brain, you do not immediately decipher where the face comes from. Just in the middle of your thoughts you remember he is a guy you once fucked and for one reason or the other, he walks on like he never knew you even as he won’t take his eyes off you.

Guys would find playing with their “third leg” fun especially as a good way to start the day or even end it when there is really nothing worth watching on TV. Fun as it may sound, not all guys want to be open about it and would rather keep their sex life secret especially if they have a wife or girlfriend.

While some totally ignore and act like he has never seen you talk less of getting down with you, others treat you will all the passion and love even when you find it difficult to remember their names. This can sometimes put one in a dilemma as to how to best react when one bumps into a casual sex buddy. It is a case of different strokes for different folks and each situation has its unique reaction. Your previous encounter and the present circumstance determine how you react.

If you had a good time with him the last time out and he looks happy to see you even as you wish to have more of him, being polite and a bit playful would be the best reaction. You might even drop your name and phone number of he does not have them already.

On the other hand, if the sex was fine and he seems glad to see you but you really do not give a shit, the easiest way out is to say a simple hi, smile ad continue with whatever it is you were doing.

In a case where you regretted ever meeting this guy and you are so angry or sad seeing him even as he seems happy seeing you, you could either decide to walk on and pretend like you never saw him or you say hi and keep walking. The fact remains that you are not happy seeing him and you probably won’t see him again, so why bother about how he feels.

The last possible case scenario is bumping into a sex buddy you had a good time with and he is with his wife, girlfriend, or even boyfriend. If he gives you a nod and acknowledges you in the presence of his boyfriend, you say hi and if possible exchange few pleasantries. In any other situation, simply walk away.

These are the commonest cases of you bumping into your casual gay sex buddy and the coolest ways to react have been stated.