Lesbian Casual Sex

Arranging a rousing session of casual sex between gays can be completed in less than twenty minutes. This case is different when talking about lesbians. Ladies are often envious of how easy it is for anonymous men to make out in a relatively short time span.

As an average single lesbian, it is very rare to see a casual sexual encounter happen wherever you might be. The reason for this is not far-fetched. The fear of rejection is largely attributed as the primary cause of this.

As a lesbian, it is only normal to entertain fear. Experiencing fear only shows a good survival instinct. Everyone wants to survive and you do not want to look fearless only to live for a short while.

It can however be annoying to see gay men have all the fun only for lesbians to sit and wonder what hit them. As a lesbian, a make out date seems to be the best source of casual sex.

Most women honour an invite just for a game of Boggle. It seems awkward to seduce a woman over a dice game. It is also a common phenomenon for a party to get cold after pre-arranging a sex meeting with an almost total stranger. It is normal to be afraid of getting down with someone you do not know that well.

Having said all these and considered all factors involved, a make out date is the simplest and easiest way of having lesbian casual sex. Some smooching with a stranger should not be that scary and since both parties are committed to just making out, the task is relatively easier. And if it is your lucky day, you might just end up having sex with that stranger. And trust, there is always a first time of meeting someone.

Another advantage of a make out date is the safety-net. No feelings need to be hurt even after sex as the agreement was just for making out. So whether it is just a make-out session or you end up at the promise land, there are no strings attached and therefore, no feelings hurt.

Make-out date seems to be the only way for lesbians to have casual sex. It is safe, easy, and relatively cheap.

Being a member of an online dating site specially one established for lesbians is the first step in getting a make out date and possibly, casual sexual partner.

Crazy Sex Positions She Is Going To Love You For Trying

Everybody has their favourite positions in the bedroom, but nobody likes to feel like their sex life has become a routine. Trying new positions can be great fun for you and your partner and can also bring new life to your relationship between the sheets.

The best place to start when trying something new is to put a new twist on the positions you know and love. There are many “girl on top” variations that are easy to try and you don’t have to be the strongest or most flexible couple for them to feel great. First of all, why not try approaching from another direction? When the female is positioned on top, the penis is given the best access to the frontal wall of the vagina, which feels great for her, and you in return. To intensify this feel for you both, enter from another angle. Ask your partner to lie horizontally across you, and you can enter while she moves in towards you simultaneously. This allows you to both find the exact spot that feels the best for you, and a really deep penetration. This can also be replicated with your partner facing away from you.

Doggy style is also a favourite position with many couples, though it doesn’t allow the female much control of depth and speed. Enter your partner from behind while lay on your side, spooning. This is a much more intimate situation for you both, and gives the woman a better ability to guide you to what feels good for her. For a deeper penetration, bend your “top” leg at the knee and ask her to do the same, this opens the vaginal muscles and also lowers your position in relation to your partner, giving much easier and intense access.

Another way to find your own great positions is to have sex in different places. It wouldn’t be possible to get stuck in a routine missionary position if you’re having sex in the shower, in your favourite armchair or on the kitchen worktop. The best way to please your partner is to surprise her. However, it is important to remember that everybody has a different level of flexibility and strength. Don’t do anything that feels uncomfortable, communicate with one another about what feels good, and don’t overexert yourself as a pulled muscle probably won’t help to get you or your partner in the mood.

How To Please A Woman In Bed

A woman doesn’t always want to have crazy sex in adventurous places and outrageous positions, although most women wouldn’t say no every once in a while. Sometimes all a woman wants is to feel in charge in the bedroom, and there’s no easier way than trying out new and different girl on top positions.


Starting simply with the “Cow Girl”, your partner is on top, facing you. This allows a deep penetration and also clitoral stimulation; you can also further arouse your partner by gently touching her clitoris either with your hand or her vibrator. Many women find that this is the only position in which they find it possible to reach their climax, making it very popular with the fairer sex.


This position can easily be modified to the “Reverse Cow Girl”, where your partner faces the opposite direction. The man can control the woman’s movements by gently guiding her hips with his hands, or he can lie back and let her call all the shots. This position can be less intimate as you are not facing one another, though it can allow for a much deeper penetration, especially if your partner leans forward to put her head between your knees.


If you prefer more intimacy during sex, why not try the “Lap Dance”? Ask your partner to start off by giving you a strip tease and lap dance while you’re sat up straight on a chair. She can straddle your lap and allow you to enter, and then she can control the pace by slowly moving her hips. This position can progress if she wraps her legs around your torso, or turns around to face away from you, giving an even deeper penetration. This position can also be recreated in your bed by leaning right up against the headboard.


Lastly, the “Squat” may not be the most flattering position for her, but it gives her the most control of her orgasm. This works similarly to the “Cow Girl”, though she controls entry. She lowers herself towards you with her feet flat on the bed either side of your body. Using her thighs she moves herself on top of you completely at her own pace, and you have absolutely no control, this can be incredibly arousing for you both. Let her bring herself to climax as you lie back and enjoy the view.



Here’s How She Wants You To Take Things In The Bedroom To The Next Level

It shouldn’t be a shocking revelation that women desire and appreciate your effort to communicate with them, but it may be a shock that this does include talking about sex. The best way to move your sex life forward is to begin by talking. Ask her what she wants and likes; begin by sharing your own fantasies to encourage her to do the same. If you find it difficult to approach the subject or start a conversation, it can be much easier to physically show each other what you want.

Another easy way to stir things up in the bedroom is by introducing sex toys. There are huge ranges of different kinds of toys available, so it should be easy to find something that excites you and your partner. Light bondage in the form of fluffy handcuffs or a spanking paddle can be a good starting point, which can help you to discover what you and your partner enjoy and allow you to progress onto something a bit more wild.

When you’re both ready to try something slightly more adventurous, why not ask your partner to introduce you to her vibrator? She can show you what she likes when she’s alone and you can try out new things together. Remember, vibrators aren’t just designed for women; once you know what you both enjoy, go shopping together for your perfect toy. If you’re feeling reluctant to walk through your local town centre and awkwardly ask a shop assistant for advice on what to buy, there are a number of great online shops where you can browse together for as long as you want to find your perfect cock ring, butt plug or dildo.

Adventure sex is sex outside or in a public place, which is perfect for stepping up your sex life if you love the thrill of possibly getting caught or the possibility of being seen. If you’re shy start small, try having sex in different rooms of your house, for example on the sofa or in the shower. This could then progress to getting frisky in your car before you’re ready to do it in public. Do be careful and aware of your surroundings though, always stay safe and also be aware that heavy petting in public can get you into trouble if you’re spotted by a police officer; but maybe that’s part of the thrill.

One Skill You Need to Have In Bed

The female orgasm is often thought to be a myth, a story of legend or a fantastic fictitious invention designed to tease and deceive us. The female orgasm is not a myth; you just need to know where to find it. First things first, there is no secret formula to produce results every time or which can be applied to every woman; though there are a number of ways you can help her achieve her peak.


You need to make sure your partner is completely comfortable; it’s essential for a woman to feel relaxed before she can fully be “in the moment”. Set the mood in your bedroom, and let her set the pace during foreplay. Rushing straight into having sex before she’s properly “warmed up” is a sure fire way to leave her disappointed.


Secondly, you need to know where and how to stimulate your partner to guide her along. Most women can achieve orgasm most easily through a combination of clitoral stimulation and vaginal penetration. There are eight thousand nerve endings in the clitoris, twice as many as can be found in your own intimate area, so this is an area not to be ignored. During foreplay, the clitoris can receive even more intense contact by gently lifting the clitoral hood, for extremely concentrated pleasure.


It is important to remember to be gentle with your partner, start slowly and softly and let her set the pace. Especially when in direct contact with the clitoris, don’t be too heavy handed when stroking, fondling and caressing her intimate area, or you’ll completely destroy the mood and you can even cause your partner slight pain or irritation. If your partner is ready for you to speed things up, let her take the lead and show you how she likes it. Every woman likes to feel in control, and if she can increase the pace and slow things down in her own time, she’s sure to find her spot quicker than you’d think.


It’s also important to know that your partner isn’t only aroused by contact with her vagina. There are erogenous zones all over the female body, including behind her ears, her thighs and knees and her collarbones and neck. Ask your partner where she likes to be kissed and stroked and target these areas during intercourse to be sure to help her on her way.