How to have successful casual sex, everyone feels good about?

The fact of casual sex remains a reality that has come to say with increasing number of people doing it and many of them actually enjoying it. The urge to engage in casual sex remains especially for those in a relationship that is not monogamous. Parties involved should however be careful of the dangers involved especially as sexually transmitted diseases are concerned. This means people need to be protected and this goes beyond the use of condoms, the readiness to have casual sex should also exist. This means emotional and physical readiness if you really want to feel good after having a casual sex encounter.

So you are planning to step out this night to get yourself some sexual satisfaction and you thinking of the necessary things to put in place in order to have a successful casual sex with both parties involved feeling good after the encounter, read on and you can be sure of great sexual pleasure.

The first step to having a successful casual sex is getting your body ready for the night or even the day. For the feminine folks, this might involve having to shave the legs to ensure your legs are sexy and have no unwanted hairs that might scare your partner away. Your underarms should also be taken care of and there are various products that can help get rid of the unwanted hair and get you set for a wonderful night out and a great casual sex encounter.

Your body and the hairs you have on it should be casual sex ready and so should your libido be. It is essential to have a sexual urge that is ready to get the ball rolling if you want an enjoyable casual sex. It might do you some help as woman, to go with some lotion that helps to enhance your sexual feeling. These lotions not only help lubricate the vagina, it also gives some feeling of warmth that turns you on and adds some excitement to the sex. There are other products designed to get you aroused and fully prepared for the best sexual experience you have had in a very long time. The primary aim is to get you aroused and put you in the right mood.

The last tip to having a successful casual sex that leaves both parties with memories they would love to have lingered in their minds for a very long time is to have some protection in form of a condom. You do not want to ruin your encounter with the fear of getting infected by a sexually transmitted infection or disease or even getting pregnant. It is meant to be fun and casual and you do not want to get emotionally disturbed by having to cope with some pregnancy or infection.

Casual sex is meant to be fun and the only way to make it so is to do it using your brain and no just your body.


Casual sex – why do we feel so guilty about hooking up?

Sex is everywhere and everybody does it regardless of the age, gender or any other such factors. From images and sights projected on the internet, to what is shown on the screens of our television sets, sex is everywhere we turn to even in our thoughts. So why the feeling of guilt when we hook up?

Even as the number of people engaged in sex continues to increase daily, the mention of the word or the topic “hooking up” brings mixed reactions. Many people view the topic has been dirty forgetting that our natural desires did not result from errors.

Studies have shown that women feel most ashamed about the topic and the stigmatization that comes from expressing their sexuality can be attributed to this. And while the masculine folks might be a bit fortunate in this regard, a promiscuous man is usually labelled a predator.

Many women will not agree with just having sex for the fun of it and would like to attach some reasons no matter how flimsy they might sound. For the men, having sex almost comes naturally whether or not there is an attachment or pretext. This leads to a double standard that seems to favour the men against the feminine folks.

Despite the much talk about sexuality, some people still find it easy to make it happen. This does not have to do with the acceptable societal sexual relationships like being married or in a committed relationship.

The case is however different in casual sex as people perceive sex in this kind of relationship differently. This might be coming from history or religion. Religious goes a long was to influence our perception of sex and some communities still punish people for engaging in sexual acts outside the marriage confines.

The stigmatization concerning casual hook ups continues in most societies with no particular explanation for this. This point to the fact that our thoughts and reasoning have been influenced by the society we find ourselves.

The adventurous soul finds this taboo even a more reason to engage in casual sex as it is seen as a break from the norm even if it is just for some minutes.

So yes, casual sex has come to stay no matter how guilty it feels to hook up with that stranger. Some tips to kill the guilt surrounding the subject matter includes exploring your beliefs to find explanations to why the guilt comes in, working through your negative feelings, and of course, explore.



Casual sex for mature ladies

Casual sex relationships can be really fun especially for the masculine folks as they seem to find having sex with multiple partners without being emotionally attached pretty easy. This is unlike in the female world, where they are very sensitive and having casual sex can be an act they frown at. This however does not take away the fact that some daring and adventurous females exist and would actually find the thought having a sexual encounter with a stranger fun and exciting. It also goes to address the case of matured ladies that might find one night stands or having sex with a total stranger fulfilling especially if they can cope with not being attached emotionally.

Men are not as emotional as women and can totally separate sex from emotions making casual sex a pretty easy idea. It is almost totally different in women. Even while some matured ladies seem to be emotionally ready to cope with the attachments that come with having sex, the hormones have a different idea. The production of some chemicals in the body makes it difficult for women, whether matured or not to separate sex from emotions.

Even when matured women are convinced they are ready emotionally, physically, and even with the agreement of the hormones, initiating a casual sex encounter can be pretty difficult. Matured women would normally find it difficult to locate casual sex partners and even how to approach one if she is lucky enough to get a spot.

More and more people are moving towards mature casual sex sites like granny sex finder , these sites are becoming the norm for the older folk who dont want any ties.

For matured ladies looking for casual sex, there are a number of places they might want to visit for like-minded men who want no strings attached sexual relationships. Online dating sites, interest groups that are specially designed for such ideas, clubs within the locality, and swingers clubs for matured women that are married are some of the places for matured women to get casual sex partners. One you choose your preferred location, all is needed is to be calm and cool and you can be sure of getting the right casual sex partner at least for the night.

Matured ladies or grannys as some people say should also be wary of the risks involved in engaging in a casual sex relationship. Yes, there are benefits inherent in having such encounters but the risks also exist so ladies are advised to tread with caution. 

Casual sex is not just for the youthful folks, after all, we all have sexual desires that need to be fulfilled.


How to make a woman have multiple orgasms

You are in bed with your woman and often wonder how to make her orgasm. You do not need to feel weird if you feel you do not make her orgasm as much as she should. While some men are able to make their women orgasm three to four times, others struggle to make their partner orgasm at all. Makin your woman orgasm multiple times is not such a big deal if the right spots and the right actions are done.

You need to make you woman go crazy in bed or you stand the risk of losing her to another man. Love is great and so is sex, but a mix of the two gives perfect satisfaction and happiness. Some of the ways to make your woman have multiple orgasms are discussed below. There is the physical and mental aspect to it and if diligently followed, you are sure to have you woman wanting more of you in bed.

While orgasm has to do with the physical stimulation of some vital spots in the body, some mental work can also help in giving a woman strong orgasms. Having your woman involved emotionally does not just give orgasms, it gives strong orgasms. This can be achieved by getting a little frustrated and this does not involve going to the extreme of making her very angry. A little aggressiveness will do. Have you wondered why angry sex is always great? Well, you got your answer.

The physical stimulation to give the woman multiple orgasms has to do with the vagina and the clitoris. The G-spot is the point of attention here as stimulating this area is the key to orgasm.

The magical spot is located some 2 inches on the upper wall of the vagina and just below the clitoris. It can be stimulated with your fingers, the penis, or sex toys.

When you use your fingers, the finger is inserted and the spot located after which a slow and steady sturdy massage is given to the area with attention to what pleases your partner the most. The finger approach is a very good way of giving multiple orgasms to your woman.

You can also use your penis to stimulate the G-spot in a bid to giving multiple orgasms as stated earlier. This is best achieved through sexual intercourse. It helps to be adventurous and try out different sex position to determine the one that pleases her most and continue doing it. The doggie style has been found to easily give a woman multiple orgasms as the penis contacts the G-spot every time.

You can also try out oral sex by licking the vagina. This best combined with the use of the finger of you want her to reach her climax fast and frequently.

Are swingers just a myth?

While some people readily accept the fact that swingers really exists, others find it difficult to come to terms that these people are around us. Before going into the details of whether or not the idea of swinging is a myth or reality, it is worth to first define what swinging is all about just for those that are strange to the word.

Swinging simply refers to the act of sharing your partner and yourself with other couples with all parties consenting to the act ad fully aware of what is involved. The actors of the scene are called swingers.

Having had an idea of what swingers and swinging is, it is almost certain that you fall into the category of people that think this idea is unreal. Well, read till the end before jumping into conclusion.

A common misconception or myth about swinging is that it only involves wife swapping and the husbands do not actually take part in the sexual activities exchange. The fact however is that swinging has to do with the full involvement of both partners and no party is left out.

Another misconception about swinging is that only older couples that are bordering on being perverted engage in the act. Swinging is composed of couples from all ages. In actual fact, one of the requirements for couples to join the group of swingers is to be happily married as swinging should not be an escape route to get away from an unhappy relationship.

There are different kind of swinging lifestyles with couples going for the lifestyle or activity that best fits their personality depending on their situation and preference. We have soft swinging, open swinging, and closed swinging with each having distinct features and rules guiding participant couples.

The phenomenon of swinging or being swingers is actually real with no doubt but the question remains, why choose to be a swinger. There are various reasons given for being a swinger depending on the couple answering the question.

Some couples say it is an opportunity to explore their sexual fantasies without the guilt of cheating the other party or being cheated upon.

Swinging couples however have to cope with the jealousy that is usually experienced especially at the beginning of the lifestyle and while some couples fall due to this, others scale through and even attribute their sexual charge to being jealous.

Swingers are not myth and in fact that are not just real, they are common but private.


5 things to look out for when having casual relationships

Casual Sex Relationships

You have decided to throw away the life of hurt and deception and embrace that of freedom and decided to go for casual sex  relationships. When having a casual relationship or thinking about starting one, there are things to look out for to ensure you do not end up regretting your decision and the relationship is kept casual. Some of the things to look out for in order to have a fulfilling casual relationship are discussed below.

It is casual relationship with no strings attached and no emotions felt and therefore, your freedom should be looked out for. Freedom is the first thing to lookout for when having a casual relationship. If you truly desire to be in a casual relationship you should look out for freedom, after all, the whole purpose of having a casual relationship is to avoid the obligations and necessities that come with having a committed relationship.

In as much as you do not want emotions trailing when having a casual relationship, you should also be wary of treating the order party with no respect even as you avoid been treated like a sex robot. This goes to say that RESPECT is another thing to look out for when having a casual relationship. The time, needs, and even feelings of the other party as well as yours should be respected with both parties being actively involved in this case.

The freedom that comes with having a casual relationship should not be mistaken for total disregard of the other. And just like having respect for the other party, you also want to make sure there is COURTESY in the relationship. In fact, common courtesy is what you should look out for especially considering the fact that you are friends and should be treated as such. Courtesy comes with good communication.

With every relationship comes rules and regulations and these guidelines need to be carefully considered before they are set. You are two different individuals and you are bound to have different preferences and such, the rules and regulations you set should consider these differences. This is especially true for persons that have been friends before deciding to become friends with benefits.

The fifth thing to look out for when having a casual relationship is the duration of the relationship. Nothing lasts forever and with casual relationships, the fact is even truer. You should therefore realise that at one point or the other, the relationship is bound to end and you should always have that at the back of your mind.

Besides the other considerations like the physical appearance  of your partner, the location, or where to locate a casual sex partner, the above listed factors should be looked out for when having a casual relationship.


Speed dating is a phenomenon that allows a great number of men and women to meet for the main goal of finding a match in the shortest time possible. Speed dating can be said to have originated from the Jewish people when the Jewish Rabbi Yaacov Deyo created it as a platform for Jews to meet where they were in minority. Speed dating has grown to gain popularity even in the gay and lesbian communities.

Speed dating is usually organized by dating agencies where a bar or restaurant is rented and arranged for a group of persons after the payment of a certain fee to allow participation in the event.

Each person has the duration of about 8 minutes to sit at a table with a potential mate. Both parties chat and try to find out some few things about each other even as they stay within the time limit. Individuals move to another table with the expiration of the set time and the process continues until the entire table is exhausted and every participant gets a chance to meet all other prospective dates.

The process is followed by each participant filling out a form and stating who they would like to see again. The list is reviewed by organizers after the event is over and in cases where both persons are interested in one another, the phone numbers and other possible contact details are handed out to the participants for them to follow up.

In speed dating events, arguments are prohibited and an environment that is fun filled is encouraged.

Speed is one of the most important advantages of speed dating. In a very short while, one gets to meet a large number and variety of people with everybody having the same goal of finding a mate. Making the first impression the best is imperative to finding a perfect match.

Another advantage of speed dating is the fact that it almost completely eliminated face-to-face rejection. Numbers are not immediately exchanged until the event ends and there is a match thus, the pain of not receiving an offer is reduced.

With speed dating, it is a two-way traffic and both parties play the role of trying to get the interest of the party.

Speed dating also creates an access to meet like-minded persons looking for the same thing. All participants are meant to be single and ready to mingle and this takes away the guilt of being the cause of heartbreak and also provides the opportunity for busy singles to find other singles they may be interested in.

Speed dating usually comes affordable and with a few demerits, it is worth giving it a try.


How to play it cool when you run into your Gay casual sex buddy

It is not an uncommon occurrence to run into someone that looks familiar but unfortunately, in as much as the face rings a bell in your brain, you do not immediately decipher where the face comes from. Just in the middle of your thoughts you remember he is a guy you once fucked and for one reason or the other, he walks on like he never knew you even as he won’t take his eyes off you.

Guys would find playing with their “third leg” fun especially as a good way to start the day or even end it when there is really nothing worth watching on TV. Fun as it may sound, not all guys want to be open about it and would rather keep their sex life secret especially if they have a wife or girlfriend.

While some totally ignore and act like he has never seen you talk less of getting down with you, others treat you will all the passion and love even when you find it difficult to remember their names. This can sometimes put one in a dilemma as to how to best react when one bumps into a casual sex buddy. It is a case of different strokes for different folks and each situation has its unique reaction. Your previous encounter and the present circumstance determine how you react.

If you had a good time with him the last time out and he looks happy to see you even as you wish to have more of him, being polite and a bit playful would be the best reaction. You might even drop your name and phone number of he does not have them already.

On the other hand, if the sex was fine and he seems glad to see you but you really do not give a shit, the easiest way out is to say a simple hi, smile ad continue with whatever it is you were doing.

In a case where you regretted ever meeting this guy and you are so angry or sad seeing him even as he seems happy seeing you, you could either decide to walk on and pretend like you never saw him or you say hi and keep walking. The fact remains that you are not happy seeing him and you probably won’t see him again, so why bother about how he feels.

The last possible case scenario is bumping into a sex buddy you had a good time with and he is with his wife, girlfriend, or even boyfriend. If he gives you a nod and acknowledges you in the presence of his boyfriend, you say hi and if possible exchange few pleasantries. In any other situation, simply walk away.

These are the commonest cases of you bumping into your casual gay sex buddy and the coolest ways to react have been stated.

How to make sure your ok with casual sex – the one-night stand checklist

Casual sex or one-night stands can be very fulfilling especially for persons that are unattached and just need a partner for the night. Casual sex comes with no commitments or emotional attachments and most men and even women find it pleasing and easy. One-night stands and casual sex are not however for everybody and if the rules of the game are not well followed, it can actually end up to be a night you wish never came to past.

It is always good to carefully consider a checklist before proceeding to engage in a casual sex relationship or a one-night stand. This ensures you do not wake up the next morning feeling all irritated and annoyed about the night before. The more checks had, the better the chances of having a fulfilling one-night stand experience.

The checklist has to do with your ability to handle casual sex. This is hugely dependent on your comfort with the act, your partner, and the reason for the attraction at a particular time in your life. The following questions should be included in the checklist.

  • Do you want a sexual relationship with little or no emotional responsibility and intimacy?
  • Are you ready to have a sexual intercourse that might not be as emotional or physical as what you get with a committed partner?
  • How emotionally detached are you from others?
  • What is your take on having sex with an almost total stranger?
  • Are you ready to handle the stigmatization from members of the society due to the fact that you are a casual sexer?
  • Can you assure your emotional stability and detachment from your casual sex partner even after being intimate?
  • Are you sure you would not want more after the encounter?
  • Are you ready to face the health risks and challenges that come with having a non-monogamous sexual relationship?

It is true that some of the questions on the checklist are harsh; it is however important to honestly answer these questions and check appropriately to ensure the one-night stand is a memorable and fulfilling one.

This checklist serves as a guide to ensure the erotic engagement remains erotic.

It is also essential to follow the etiquettes of casual sex in order to avoid some of the troubles that would have rather surfaced if not considered.

The other party should be respected and communication should be effective to ensure every party involved is aware of the situation ans the expectations so no one is left grieving.

The magic of casual sex over 50

The idea of casual sex is fun and what better way to have fun than to make it magical. With casual sex, neither party has an intention or expectation about the future of the relationship. It starts from an innocent dinner and ends with parties lying next to each other in bed probably naked.

With the middle-aged folks, casual sex is simply magical. The idea of friends with benefits might sound a bit awful especially considering their ages but sex is sex and it can be fun, so why should anyone be left out of the excitement? The folks over the age of 50 would ordinarily find the path leading to romance and relocations unattractive and casual sex seems to be the way out as no one really wants to be lonely and everybody needs a shoulder to cry on every once in a while. Having someone to laugh with and talk to or even share the bed with isn’t such a bad idea and even at 50 or even over, casual sex still comes in handy.

Middle-aged folks would prefer some privacy and peace of mind even as the sexual urge surfaces every once in a while. Unlike the younger ones that would hit the bar or the clubs to get friends with benefits or casual partners, this option does not only sound desperate, it is also out of place for an individual that is over 50 years of age.

So what options are available to give that magical moment needed? A chance to reunite with a high school mate or a person from the past can be very helpful in satisfying that sexual urge. A night of dinner can actually end with both parties winding up in bed only for them to wake the next morning wondering whether or not the act was a right one especially as there is no intention of bringing back the emotional side of the relationship.

The older folks would rather have fun with casual sex and would actually prefer to have that magical moment as regular as about 4 times a year. Class reunions are great platforms to reconnect and trigger the needed spark to give the needed pleasure. Most middle-aged persons would rather prefer to have casual sex with persons they had met at a point instead of a random stranger.

Even at 50, those hormones work their wonders and these older folks find a way of making sure the urge is satisfied, thanks to casual sex.